Image Policy

In many cases, the images we use on our website are provided by our member companies to portray the work they do and to accompany the stories about the industry they work in. If you work for a company that is one of our members and would like to contribute photos then please get in touch with We are happy to credit the photos to the company, just put us in touch with your marketing or communications team so we can understand how we can use your images.

How do we choose which images to use?

Along with the quality of the image, its relevance to the webpage or story that it will accompany is the main consideration. We will regularly review which images are displayed on the website to keep them as current as possible. Images will be reviewed and rotated as frequently as possible to ensure even coverage.

Coming soon, there will be a gallery page on the site. This will feature a bank of the images used throughout the site and a directory of who supplied the images. Images that are submitted by members, but are not used in pages or content of the site, will also be displayed in the gallery (maximum of 4 per member company).

Images which do not display good or safe practice may not be displayed on the site. IMCA reserves the right to remove any image from the website at any time if deemed necessary.