IMCA Governance

From 1 January 2017, IMCA has modified its legal framework from an unincorporated association to a company limited by guarantee called IMCA Holdings Ltd. This arrangement has many benefits and is by far the most common structure of trade associations in the UK. Additionally, the existing trading company, IMCA Trading Ltd, has become a subsidiary of the parent company.  The day to day working name of IMCA and its logo are unchanged and trademarked.

These changes have been implemented as the result of an 18-month long governance review, which now equips the association with the latest governance thinking and best practices in the trade association sector.


The governing body of IMCA is the board of directors of IMCA Holdings Ltd, and in keeping with tradition the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the board are also given the honorary titles of President and Vice President of the association.

Oversight of the many technical committees operated by IMCA is undertaken by a new Operations Committee, replacing the former Overall Management Committee (OMC). The Operations Committee comprises the chairmen of all IMCA Core, Divisional, and Regional Committees, and together with IMCA’s Technical Director manage the annual work programme and output of the committees. Further details on the composition, election process and performance of each committee can be found in IMCA’s Governance handbook.


The legal rules and working procedures of IMCA are documented in the articles of association and bye-laws of the parent company, which together represent the new constitution. The Governance Handbook provides a handy and user friendly overview of IMCA’s operational structure, its board and committees.

Constitutional documents
(In effect from 1 January 2017)