About IMCA

IMCA Objectives

IMCA Objectives

IMCA 's technical work programme is based on a set of strategic objectives on improving peformance in the marine contracting industry.

IMCA's Vision & Strategy 2014-2019 is designed to outline what we do and how we do it.

What We Do - Our Core Activities

Championing better regulation

  • Influencing regulatory direction and development and helping to maintain a free and fair market
  • Using creative thinking to improve the industry

 Enhancing operational integrity

  • Developing and sharing industry good practice
  • Driving risk management
  • Promoting fair contracting principles
  • Improving competence, skills and knowledge


How We Do It - Our Ways of Working

Engaging and developing our members and other core stakeholders

  • Representing the interests and aspirations of our members
  • Developing a committee structure that delivers the work programme
  • Engaging client organisations
  • Raising the profile of the IMCA organisation

Developing our people and organisation

  • Extending our geographical influence
  • Adding value
  • Sustaining and evolving the secretariat
  • Delivering a progressive work environment
  • Delivering our message

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