About IMCA

IMCA Structure

IMCA operates via a number of committees, made up of mainly elected member representatives, each of which meets quarterly to direct and progress the association's work on behalf of members.

On a day-to-day basis, our work is organised by the London-based secretariat, led by the Chief Executive and Technical Director. The secretariat supports the committees, represents the association with external organisations, produces and distributes a wide range of documents and organises a variety of events.

The committee and regional structure is set out in the organisation chart below.


Our Overall Management Committee oversees the association's work as a whole. It comprises the IMCA President and Vice-President, chairmen and vice-chairmen of the six core and divisional committees and the regional sections, along with the IMCA Chief Executive and Technical Director, thus ensuring representation of members active in each part of the association. A Council comprised of representatives from the large 'International Contractor' members provides political direction and support.

Our two core activities address issues relevant to companies active across the marine contracting industry, as well as liaising with the technical divisions to ensure consistency across our sector-specific activities.

Our four technical divisions cover specific sectors of the industry, with members joining one or more divisions relevant to their own operations.

IMCA's regional sections enable members to address issues specific to their local area and ensure the global applicability of the association's worldwide activities. Regular meetings bring members together to discuss current topics and initiatives. Issues discussed are reported back, with valuable input provided to the relevant global committees.