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Global Careers in Marine Contracting

Global Careers in Marine Contracting

Open Your Horizons

Looking for a career that doesn't box you in to the same old routine year after year?  A career which combines travel, technology, good pay, safe working conditions, responsibility, real opportunities to reach your full potential and gain promotion to decision making levels?

Would you relish the chance to play your part in a close-knit, multi-disciplined team helping to harvest the earth's store of natural energy?

You’ve found it in the marine contracting industry.

There are no tedious treadmills or monotonous production lines here. Instead you'll be joining an exciting, fast-paced, forward-looking industry where the challenges - and the rewards - are all beyond the ordinary.

This is where your skills in engineering, science or mathematics will find free rein across the design, planning, construction, operation and maintenance of complex, high-tech equipment ranging from tiny sensors to giant cranes.

No matter what specialism or discipline you bring with you, you’ll soon discover unexpected pathways for you to use and develop your analytical, numerical, interpersonal, interdisciplinary and supervisory skills too.

So break away from the confines of a 9 to 5, office-bound career and expand your horizons to the marine contracting industry. It's where the opportunities are unlimited.

Think Marine

The sea adds an extra dimension to roles in engineering, science and IT. It offers exciting career opportunities in many onshore and offshore roles that simply don't exist on the daily commuter grind.

It's an environment which contains a vast array of options. You could be helping to construct the next generation of offshore installations for the international oil and gas industry. You could be part of a team operating technically-advanced offshore construction, installation and support vessels. Or you could be helping to chart the seas and oceans, laying telecommunications cables or playing a vital role as a life support technician.

The choices are all yours. So choose to be part of a fast-moving industry where the opportunities, the technology, the variety - and yes, the rewards - are all beyond the ordinary.

Broad Horizons

There's a great range of roles in the marine contracting industry, with a constant demand for new entrants.

Employers offer some of the best training and development packages around - and a cutting-edge approach to safety and environmental protection.

Click here for all the facts on the career options available to you - there's bound to be something to inspire you.

Get Ready

Constructing new offshore oil and gas installations, operating new and ever-more sophisticated vessels and equipment, plus new opportunities to survey, explore and chart the seas and oceans of the world mean exciting opportunities are out there, waiting to be grabbed.

Information on the different roles and their entry requirements is available on this site - click here.

Do you already have technical qualifications or are you working towards them? Those skills could open the way to a far more exciting and rewarding career than you ever imagined - in engineering and technology, the earth sciences, geology or geophysics and in mathematics and computer sciences.

The marine contracting industry has some of the most interesting, challenging, exciting and rewarding jobs on earth. Just waiting for the right people to seize those opportunities.