IMCA Diving Seminar 2016

On 9-10 November 2016, IMCA hosted a diving seminar in Aberdeen. The event was one of IMCA’s series of mini-seminars – niche events tailored to tackle specific topics – and saw nearly 100 delegates converge on Aberdeen from around the world to discuss the issues at hand.

The event was planned to:

  • Present (and discuss) a number of proposed improvements to IMCA’s DESIGN (Diving Equipment Systems Inspection Guidance Note) documents – including the creation of a standalone life support package (LSP) DESIGN document;
  • Provide insight into the industry’s newest approaches, in terms of operation and technology. It featured a presentation from Mark Richardson, Group Projects Manager of Apache North Sea, about an interesting new system to manage projects.

Event proceedings

A comprehensive overview of the workshop discussion sessions and presentations given at the event are now available to members in Proceedings of IMCA Diving Seminar, Aberdeen, UK – 9-10 November 2016.

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