IMCA Diving Seminar

This IMCA diving seminar is intended as “an offshore diving industry event with emphasis on diving safety issues”.

This event is intended to present a number of topics of interest to the global offshore diving community. It will focus most closely on the management of offshore diving safety – a subject of the highest importance to IMCA Diving Division members.

There will be four sessions spread over two days, during which presentations and table-top exercises will comprehensively address the planning and safe conduct of successful diving projects. Many of the presentations and exercises will be specifically tailored to the Asia-Pacific theatre of operations. The sessions are:

  • Planning and conducting safe diving operations
  • Hyperbaric evacuation
  • Active monitoring of safety management
  • Diving systems and equipment

Who attends?

Many of the world’s foremost experts in diving will attend this IMCA event, and several will contribute directly to the programme. A range of other interested parties involved in offshore diving also attend IMCA diving seminars. These include operations personnel; equipment manufacturers and suppliers; training establishment staff; diving medical physicians; oil and gas company representatives; and national regulators.

Seminar outcomes

It is hoped that the Diving Seminar discussions will help identify areas of interest/concern for IMCA and other industry stakeholders to pursue and resolve on behalf of industry. It is also envisaged that the event will bring forward sensible suggestions for future consideration by the IMCA Diving Division Management Committee.


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