Membership Categories

Membership Categories

IMCA has a number of membership categories, as described below.

Contractor (Co)

Contractor members are supported by the association in terms of production/dissemination of industry good practice guidance, work on topics of common interest, briefing and lobbying.

IMCA exists to represent its contractor members and our work programme is directed to serve them. If your company undertakes marine, offshore or underwater engineering activities, it should apply to join in this category and can expect to benefit from the full range of our work and guidance.

Generally, companies who wish to join IMCA as diving contractor members need to demonstrate their ability to operate in accordance with our International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving, through an assessment of the applicant's documentation and operational procedures followed by an on-site audit. Please contact us for full details and advice on the criteria and assessment process.


International Contractor (ICO)

International Contractor - ICO This category of membership has been developed for contractors who have an international presence -operating in 3 or 4 of the IMCA regions - as offshore oil and gas construction contractors. Such companies should be able to demonstrate their marine construction capability, set out their geographical presence and their commitment and involvement with IMCA. Companies will generally have been CO members before progressing to ICO members.


Global Contractor (GCO)

Global Contractor - 'GCO' members join in a similar way to Contractor members, but on a worldwide basis, supporting all aspects of our work and with representation on IMCA's Council, which provides political direction and support.

GCO membership is open to large companies where a large part of their business is to operate vessels internationally as main offshore oil and gas construction and installation contractors. The applicant company should demonstrate a history of widespread and active corporate commitment to IMCA and be recognised as having a world-wide leading role in marine construction good practice. Such companies generally join in the Co category before considering GCO status. Please contact the IMCA Chief Executive, to discuss this option in more detail before applying in this category. Companies may wish initially to join in the Contractor category or ICO category to discover IMCA close-up before progressing through to the GCO category.



Those companies supplying IMCA's contractor members can benefit from our work in their areas of expertise and interest; they also provide additional expert input to assist in our ongoing work programme, including development of industry guidance. Members join in one of the following sub-categories:

  • Suppliers of Equipment and Services (S)
  • Personnel Agencies (S*)
  • Training Establishments (S*)

Supplier members are eligible to advertise in 'Making Waves', our quarterly newsletter, distributed in print and electronically to industry contacts worldwide, and/or to have a stand at the exhibition associated with the IMCA annual seminar. Consultancy members are also given the opportunity of tendering to carry out technical studies, draft reports and prepare guidance documents for IMCA in their areas of expertise. The subscription rates for this category are lower than for the contractor member category, as IMCA exists primarily to support its contractor members, who nevertheless value the input of such suppliers into our work and the key role they can play in helping to achieve our objectives.


Corresponding (C)

Non-voting, corresponding membership is open to companies and organisations with an interest in our work, but which we do not represent directly, such as clients (oil companies, etc.), regulators (governments and other bodies) and other associations/professional bodies working in the offshore sector.

Corresponding membership appeals to such companies because of the range of guidance based on our members' cumulative experience, which can avoid the need for extensive work on similar topics when specifying ways of working for their projects. Equally, it provides a forum for such companies to raise any specific issues with a wide range of contractors and other members. Many corresponding members choose to join all four technical divisions, benefiting from the whole range of technical guidance and briefing produced by IMCA.

To see the list of current members, which may assist you in identifying the appropriate category for your own company, please visit our Member Directory.