Safety, Environment & Legislation

Legislation And Regulatory Affairs


IMCA is active world-wide and at a regional and national level in representing its members to governments and regulatory bodies, lobbying for fair, workable and effective regulations, and monitoring and reporting on developments for its members.

By putting forward industry submissions based on its members' combined expertise in global marine operations, IMCA demonstrates successful self-regulation at many levels, helps minimise unnecessary variations in requirements and can provide feedback both on new proposals and on implementation and experience. This expertise has long been recognised by regulators around the world who turn to IMCA as a trusted data source when formulating regulations for the marine contracting industry.

An important part of this work is representation on a number of joint government-industry committees and other relevant bodies. Not least of these is holding observer status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). IMCA also participates in joint work with other relevant trade associations in areas of common interest.

Issues where IMCA has worked for and with its members include: