Safety, Environment & Legislation

Safety Environment & Legislation Videos

IMCA not only produces guidance in document format, but also produces informative video guidance.  These are available to watch online for free below, or they are available on Youtube. DVD copies can also be purchased from the IMCA publications team.



IMCA SEL 009 Working at height

The offshore oil and gas industry is an industry leader in developing safety practices and safe working systems, but falls from height are still a serious problem world-wide.  Falls from a height are the single largest cause of death and serious injury in industry today and one of the problems in dealing with these incidents is that they are so varied.



IMCA SEL 013 Slips, trips and finger nips

The offshore oil and gas industry has become very much safer through the dedication of contractors and their personnel over the years. Risk assessments, job safety analysis, toolbox talks, etc. all help to identify potential hazards and to avoid them.  However, the target is zero and we're not there yet.



IMCA SEL 014A Safe Travel and Security

Wherever you are going, travelling aborad can be exciting, stimulating and interesting.  However, in some places there are obvious risks and there are precautions that everyone should take - before leaving, during the journey and while they are there.



IMCA SEL 021 Risk Assesment

Risk assessment is a very import process.  The more it used, the better we will get at controlling hazards and the less likely the occurence of injuries to people, damage to equipment or harm to the environment.


IMCA SEL 026 Toolbox Talks

A group talking over the key points involved in a job before it begins can bring huge benefits, from avoidance of accidents, disruptions and delays, to improving working methods and using equipment more effectively.


IMCA SEL 027 Gangway Security

Effective gangway security is an important subject in today’s world and this DVD is intended to provide guidance for personnel performing gangway security duties. The procedures and regulations for gangway security are there, but to be effective they need to be applied properly and consistently. The gangway security personnel’s role in that process is crucial.



IMCA SEL 028 Anti-piracy

Piracy is a threat to all sizes of vessels in some parts of the world. The more we know the more we can minimise the risks and react to dangerous situations – or avoid them altogether.


IMCA SEL 030 Safe lifting

Almost no work can be carried out in a marine environment without involving lifting operations, and all lifting operations have a risk of injury to people. This DVD illustrates the essential components of a lifting operation: training, properly assessed and assured competence, procedures and planning, and constant attention to safety.


IMCA SEL 034 Working in Confined Spaces

Confined space entry remains a very serious problem for the offshore oil and gas business, having caused a significant number of fatalities in recent years. Education on confined spaces is of paramount importance, for shockingly, figures show that for every one who dies in a confined-space accident, two more die trying to rescue them. Work in confined and enclosed spaces has a greater likelihood of causing fatalities, severe injuries and illness than any other type of work on board a ship or marine installation.



IMCA SEL 036 In the Line of Fire 

The expression ‘line of fire’ seems simple. If you are talking about someone firing a gun, shooting an arrow, or throwing a stone at a target – it is. It’s the trajectory of the missile and anyone who gets in way gets hurt: they’re in the line of fire. But when you apply it to working situations, it’s not nearly as straightforward.

This DVD looks at some examples – animated reproductions of real events – which took place in the marine and offshore working environments.


IMCA SEL 038 Mooring Incidents

Mooring vessels is a routine, day to day operation familiar to most crew members. But familiarity can breed contempt and sometimes, seemingly ordinary, routine jobs don’t get the full focus of attention they should and there are accidents, some of them very serious indeed. 

This IMCA DVD has been developed to help raise awareness of the need for safety awareness in mooring practice.

IMCA SEL 039 Technip DROPS

This short video highlights the importance of safe working practices not only to offshore personnel but also to their families at home. It was prepared by Technip with help from Atlas.