Safety, Environment & Legislation

2012 Safety Flashes


IMCA Safety Flash 01/12 - January 2012

  1. Near miss: Crane hook block dropped to deck
  2. Lost time incident (LTI) - laceration to finger
  3. Near miss: ROV broke free of cargo strops during heavy seas
  4. H2S leak umbilical laying
  5. Dropped object: Injury resulting from failure caused by corrosion

IMCA Safety Flash 02/12 - February 2012

  1. Equipment at height not properly secured
  2. Near miss: Serious subsea burning incident
  3. Major injury suffered in confined space incident
  4. Man drowned after falling into dock when disembarking through pilot-gate
  5. Snagged cargo carrying unit during offshore discharge

IMCA Safety Flash 03/12 - April 2012

  1. Near miss: 220v cable not isolated during work
  2. Lifting post failure on survey equipment
  3. Near miss: supply vessel pulls platform crane overboard
  4. Bypassing of storage tanks safety features
  5. Watertight doors and hatches routinely left open at sea

IMCA Safety Flash 04/12 - April 2012

  1. Lacerated finger during rigging operations
  2. Near miss during subsea cutting operations
  3. Cargo hose incidents
  4. Crane and supply boat lifting incident
  5. Near miss: cargo carrying unit (CCU) flipped over during lifting operations

IMCA Safety Flash 05/12 - June 2012

  1. Uncontrolled ascent of lift bag
  2. Near miss: Person fell from boarding ladder
  3. LTI: Crewman's finger pinched when moving the gangway
  4. Snagging damage during lifting operations
  5. Near miss: Dropped objects

IMCA Safety Flash 06/12 - June 2012

  1. Near miss: Live electrical cable
  2. Failure to follow gas quad procedure
  3. Near miss: Saturation diver lost gas supply
  4. Two recent incidents involving injuries
  5. Near miss: Cable reel deck cargo broke loose

IMCA Safety Flash 07/12 - July 2012

  1. LTI - incident with circular saw leads to loss of thumb
  2. Small fire and minor injury during gas cutting
  3. Two recent cases of hand and arm injuries
  4. Confined space entry fatality
  5. Fall fatality during platform abandonment

IMCA Safety Flash 08/12 - July 2012

  1. Near miss: Dropped objects
  2. Near miss: Bell umbilical damage incident
  3. Near miss: Failure of load during lifting
  4. Platform supply vessel comes into contact with fixed platform

IMCA Safety Flash 09/12 - September 2012

  1. Inadvertant lowering of lifeboat
  2. Near miss: Cement tank hatch failure
  3. LTI hand cut during cutting operations
  4. Near miss: Potential fall when TMS protection gate came loose
  5. MODU mooring line failure

IMCA Safety Flash 10/12 - October 2012

  1. Diver injured during subsea lifting operations
  2. Tombarra fall wire fatality: Updated reports
  3. Lifejacket recall - Mullion Compact 150N ISO 12402
  4. Damage to davit-mounted small boats
  5. Hand injury during O2 handling and equipment maintenance

IMCA Safety Flash 11/12 - October 2012

  1. LTI: Hand Injury
  2. Near Miss: Dropped Object
  3. LTI: Crush Injury – Arm Trapped by Movement of Crane Block
  4. Near Miss: Faulty Lifebuoys Discovered
  5. Able Seaman Injured by Shifting Cargo

IMCA Safety Flash 12/12 - November 2012

  1. Lifeboat damaged whilst being lowered on davit
  2. Near Miss: Dropped object
  3. High potential near miss: Dropped object
  4. US Coast Guard Alert: Problem with certain kinds of personal floatation device

IMCA Safety Flash 13/12 - December 2012

  1. Near miss: Poorly secured load during lifting operations
  2. LTI: Person fell over helideck and broke arm
  3. LTI: Serious hand injury during subsea lifting operations
  4. LTI caused by inadvertent activation of expired line throwing device
  5. Fire in engine room workshop