Safety, Environment & Legislation

2013 Safety Flashes


IMCA Safety Flash 01/13 - January 2013

  1. Near miss: Shackle configuration
  2. Damage to crane winch
  3. First aid injury: Contact with spinning spooler arm
  4. Luff ram clevis failures
  5. LTI: Crewman broke leg falling into tank

IMCA Safety Flash 02/13 - January 2013

  1. Serious DP diving incident

IMCA Safety Flash 03/13 - January 2013

  1. Fatality during basket transfer
  2. Diver emergency decompression following construction barge anchor loss during tropical storm
  3. LTI: Broken thumb
  4. Diving decompression chambers – not fit for purpose
  5. Fatal wind farm accident

IMCA Safety Flash 04/13 - February 2013

  1. Near miss: Dropped handrail/gate near moonpool
  2. LTI: Fall from height leading to multiple fractures
  3. Near miss: Scaffolding collapse
  4. Outbreak of salmonella and gastroenteritis on an offshore facility
  5. Fatal crush injury during vessel hull maintenance

IMCA Safety Flash 05/13 - April 2013

  1. Explosion causing fatal injury during maintenance of metocean buoy
  2. Battery damage caused by charger failure
  3. Near miss: Exposed live electrical cable
  4. Finger and hand injuries
  5. High potential near miss during equipment testing
  6. Pressure switch location for fixed fire suppression systems

IMCA Safety Flash 06/13 - May 2013

  1. Crew transfer vessel trapped under a boat landing
  2. Loss of ROV after umbilical termination failure and damage to ROV during recovery
  3. Near miss: Dropped object - falling camera
  4. Near miss: Dropped during lifting operations
  5. Failure of connector on marine riser

IMCA Safety Flash 07/13 - May 2013

  1. Near miss: Failure of gas quad fitting
  2. LTI: Fall from height
  3. LTI: Serious foot injury
  4. Gangway safety: A review of recent incidents and near misses involving vessel gangways
  5. Dropped object injury
  6. Risks associated with pneumatic hose couplings

IMCA Safety Flash 08/13 - May 2013

  1. Substandard nitrogen quads delivered to shipyard
  2. Small boat cradle collapsed during poor weather conditions
  3. Crane wire parting
  4. Crewman injured - no control of work
  5. Fire caused by hot work
  6. Counterfeit portable fire extinguishers

IMCA Safety Flash 09/13 - June 2013

  1. High potential near miss: Dropped ROV/TMS leading to equipment damage
  2. Failure of lifting equipment: Dropped ROV
  3. Securing of cargo
  4. Generator fire incident
  5. Increase in dropped object events

IMCA Safety Flash 10/13 - June 2013

  1. High potential near miss: Lifting equipment failure
  2. Loading and securing of cargo
  3. Use of portable electrical deck equipment
  4. Surge protective devices onboard bessels
  5. Fuel oil bunkering safety

IMCA Safety Flash 11/13 - June 2013

  1. USCG Homeport Marine Safety Alert: Recent failures of dynamic positioning (DP) systems on MODUs

 IMCA Safety Flash 12/13 - July 2013

  1. Near miss: Falling transponder on main deck
  2. LTI: Crewman injured during opening of tanks
  3. Incidents of failure of jet drives on wind farm service bessels
  4. Wind farm service vessel in collision with wind turbine foundation
  5. Risks associated with pneumatic hose couplings - update

 IMCA Safety Flash 13/13 - September 2013

  1. Near miss: Un-noticed expiry and deterioration of carbon dioxide absorbent material
  2. Bunkering hose cut by propeller
  3. Crewman injured whilst changing out crane wire
  4. Spillage of oil-based mud
  5. Dropped object near miss: Wind sensor

IMCA Safety Flash 14/13 - September 2013

Marine Safety Forum Safety Flashes:

  1. Gangway detached from vessel
  2. High potential near miss during cargo operations
  3. Bulk hose entanglement with Azi-pod propulsion unit
  4. Injuries on mud mixers
  5. Fast rescue craft unplanned descent

IMCA Safety Flash 15/13 - September 2013

  1. LTI: Dropped object incident
  2. Incidents involving use of scaffolding
  3. Fire on board and sinking of liftboat Mako
  4. Diving helmet: Failure of sealed pull pin
  5. Injury: Failure of hatch holdback arrangements

IMCA Safety Flash 16/13 - October 2013

  1. What is a safety flash?
  2. Fatality: Man overboard
  3. Irukandji jellyfish awareness (Australia)
  4. LTI: Crewman injured foot during offshore renewables mooring operation
  5. Hand injuries

IMCA Safety Flash 17/13 - November 2013

  1. High potential dropped object
  2. Small workboats used on offshore wind farms: Combined report on Windcat 9 & Island Panther incidents
  3. Pilot ladder safety
  4. LTI: Pilot ladder failure
  5. Near miss: Fast rescue craft unplanned descent

IMCA Safety Flash 18/13 - December 2013

  1. Fatality during lifting operations
  2. Serious working at height incidents
  3. Near miss: ROV shackle (potential dropped object)
  4. High potential near miss: Incompatible pillar valve assembly