Safety, Environment & Legislation

2014 Safety Flashes


IMCA Safety Flash 01/14 - January 2014

  1. Uncontrolled descent of diving bell
  2. High potential dropped object: Rigger struck by falling object
  3. Poor cargo stowage: Material damage on container
  4. First aid injury: Deep cut to forearm


 IMCA Safety Flash 02/14 - February 2014

  1. Hose Fire Caused by Flashback in Oxygen  & Acetylene Hoses
  2. Fatality in Ballast Water Tank - Working at Height in a Confined Space
  3. Damaged Wire Rope Slings
  4. Vibration-Induced Fatigue on Process Pipework


IMCA Safety Flash 03/14 - March 2014

  1. Loss of Consciousness Due to Exposure to H2S
  2. Dropped Fluorescent Light Tube
  3. Entanglement in Moving or Rotating Machinery
  4. Fire and Subsequent Foundering of Wind Farm Support Workboat
  5. Watertight Doors Left Open at Sea


IMCA Safety Flash 04/14 - April 2014

  1. LTI - Thumb Laceration
  2. Near Miss: Failure to Reconnect Fire Suppression Systems
  3. Oil Spill Incident
  4. Potential Dropped Objects Found Lodged in Holes on a Freight Container
  5. Lower Stairwell Step Collapses Causing Injury


IMCA Safety Flash 05/14 - April 2014

  1. Decompression Illness (DCI) Incident during Routine Decompression of Divers from Saturation
  2. RWC: Injury to Foot Caused By Moving Roller
  3. Snubber Failure
  4. EPIRB Precautionary Bulletin
  5. Overloading Leads to Catastrophic Failure of Crane Boom
  6. Misuse of Beam Clamps as an Electrical Earth


IMCA Safety Flash 06/14 - April 2014

  1. Fatality During Air Diving Operations
  2. Near Miss: Strong Sun Glare Contributes to Heavy Impact on Boat Landing
  3. Near Miss Incidents during Personnel Transfer to Offshore Renewable Energy Installations
  4. Navigational Near Miss in Restricted Visibility
  5. Hand Injury - Grease Injection into Small Finger
  6. Equipment Damaged by Waterspout
  7. Pontoon Compartment Explosion on Floating Roof Tanks


IMCA Safety Flash 07/14 - May 2014

  1. First Aid Injury: Thermos Cup Exploded After being in Hyperbaric Environment
  2. Hand Injury during Retrieval of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Stored Inside a Compressor Unit
  3. Crane Wire Rope Grip Incorrectly Fitted
  4. Crew Transfer Vessel  in Collision with Anchor Wire
  5. Injury Caused by Movement of Wire Rope under Tension
  6. Master Link and Sub-Link Failures on Lifting Equipment


IMCA Safety Flash 08/14 - June 2014

  1. Crewman Struck by Dropped Object
  2. Unsecured Object Lifted by Helicopter Downwash
  3. Crewman Suffered First Aid Injury during Cutting Operations
  4. Cutting Torch Hose Separates from Flame Arrestor
  5. Near Miss: Potential Fire Hazard from Halogen Lamp


IMCA Safety Flash 09/14 - June 2014

  1. Serious Dropped Object Incidents
  2. LTI: Serious Hand Injury - Caught in the Bight
  3. First Aid Incident During at Sea Fuel Transfer - Mooring Lines
  4. Vessel Blackout During Close Standby
  5. Pressure Vessel Systems - Response to Fatal Accident


IMCA Safety Flash 10/14 - June 2014

  1. Serious Engine Room Fire Whilst Divers in Saturation
  2. Fire in Engine Room on Platform Supply Vessel
  3. Fire in Engine Space on CTV (Crew Transfer Vessel)
  4. Engine Room Fire


IMCA Safety Flash 11/14 - July 2014

  1. Failure of Master Link during Subsea Lifting Operations
  2. LTI - Hand Severed During Mooring Operations
  3. LTI - Severe Hand Injury in Galley
  4. Near Miss: Collapse of ROV Launch  & Recovery System (LARS)
  5. Hydraulic Hose Failure Caused Collapse of Heavy Haulage Trailer
  6. Inadequate Snap Hooks on Life Jackets


IMCA Safety Flash 12/14 - July 2014

  1. Engine Room Fire
  2. Punctured Welding Hose Flash Fire
  3. LTI - Winch Base Failure
  4. LTI - During Mooring Operations
  5. Fatality - Man Overboard
  6. Near Miss: Loose Life Jackets Caused Man Overboard (MOB) Alert
  7. LTI - Trapped Finger


IMCA Safety Flash 13/14 - July 2014

  1. Bell Re-claim Failure Resulting in Minor Injury
  2. Near Miss: Unauthorised Release of Shore Controlled Mooring Lines
  3. Failure of Lifeboat Release Hook Mechanism
  4. Main ROV Lift Umbilical Parted
  5. Unplanned Vessel Contact with an Installation During Lifting Operations
  6. Potential Dropped Object - Poor Housekeeping


IMCA Safety Flash 14/14 - August 2014

  1. High Potential Stored Energy Incident: Inner Buoyancy Module Clamp Failure During Removal
  2. Near Miss: Incorrect Length Retaining Screws Fitted on Divers Helmet
  3. LTI: Trip Incident
  4. LTI: Trip Incident during Routine Task
  5. High Potential Dropped Object Incident
  6. Disposal of Pyrotechnics
  7. Lifting and Rigging Plans


 IMCA Safety Flash 15/14 - September 2014

  1. Dropped Object Near Miss - Unsecured Plastic Box fell from Load being Lifted by Mobile Crane
  2. 440V Electrical Shock  Incident
  3. Diver Injured after being Trapped Underwater
  4. Alternator Bearing Collapse caused Small Fire
  5. Confined Space Entry - Multiple Fatalities
  6. Marine Safe Australia - Hand Injuries


IMCA Safety Flash 16/14 - October 2014

  1. Near Miss: Engine Room Flooding
  2. Dropped Object Incident
  3. Near Miss: Failure of Diving Helmet Communications Module
  4. Near Miss: Incident Involving Dry Bulk Pressure System
  5. Ruptured Hydraulic Hoses
  6. Injured Party Struck by Tugger Wire Assembly


IMCA Safety Flash 17/14 - October 2014

  1. LTI: Fall Overboard/Fall from Height
  2. Lithium Battery Pack Explosion
  3. Hydraulic Injection Injuries
  4. Uncontrolled Rotation of 9.6m Reel
  5. Slips, Trips and Falls - Raising Awareness


IMCA Safety Flash 18/14 - November 2014

  1. Failure of Bell Winch Clutch Coupling during Bell Recovery
  2. Master Link Failure during Testing of Overboarding Chute
  3. Hydraulic Umbilical Winch Operation - Trapped Thumb
  4. Injuries Sustained Whilst Trying to Stop Moving Objects
  5. Dropped Object Incidents
  6. Near Miss: Inadequate Insulation of 690V Bars

IMCA Safety Flash 19/14 - December 2014

  1. Injuries due to Failure of Diver's Emergency Gas Cylinder
  2. Confined Space Entry Fatality
  3. Near Miss: Dropped Object from Cargo
  4. Collision and Near MissCaused by Guard Vessel
  5. Fatality: Worker Hit by Ship Crane during Lifting Operation
  6. Fire in Wheelhouse on Offshore Renewables Crew Transfer Vessel