Safety, Environment & Legislation

2015 Safety Flashes


IMCA Safety Flash 23/15 - December 2015

  1. Safety Flashes: A Summary For 2015 
  2.  A list of the 2015 Safety Flashes 


IMCA Safety Flash 22/15 - December 2015

  1. Near Miss: Corrosion-Related Failure of Bolts Used to Secure Lifeboat Winches 
  2. Catastrophic Failure of a Pipework Clamp Connector 
  3. Confined Space Entry Incidents - A Reminder 
  4. Hydraulic Company Sentenced After Employee Loses Sight in One Eye
  5. Near Miss: Contained Hydraulic Oil Spillages from Cranes 
  6. Fire Risks Associated With Electical Storage Batteries 


IMCA Safety Flash 21/15 - December 2015

Focus - Lifting

  1. High Potential Near Miss: Safe Working Load (SWL) Plate Fell from Crane Auxiliary Block
  2. Dropped Object Near Miss: Small Parts Falling From Crane Rest 
  3. Fatality During Loading Operations 
  4. Near Miss: Corrosion Caused Crane Boom Failure During Heavy Lifting  


IMCA Safety Flash 20/15 - December 2015

Focus - Slips, Trips and Falls

  1. Recent Slips, Trips and Falls Involving Stairs
  2. Crewman Falls Down Open Hatchway During Simultaneous Operations 
  3. Non-Fatal Man Overboard Incident 

IMCA Safety Flash 19/15 - November 2015

Focus -Crew Transfer Vessels

  1. Near Miss During Transfer Operations from a crew Transfer vessel (CTV) to a Turbine Tower
  2. Rigging Incident: Damage to Bow Hand Rail on a Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV)
  3. An Error with Fire Flaps Led to Engine Space Flooding, Causing Costly Damage
  4. Vessel Made Contact with Installation


IMCA Safety Flash 18/15 - November 2015

  1. Small Change to the Disclaimer for all Safety Flashes
  2. Maintenance of Automatic External Defibrillators (AED)
  3. Three Incidents of Decompression Illness (DCI)
  4. Lost Time Injury (LTI) Following Stored Energy Release and Subsequent Serious Infection of Wound


IMCA Safety Flash 17/15 - October 2015

Focus - Lifeboats

  1. High Potential Near Miss: Failure of Lifeboat Release Hook Mechanism
  2. Free-Fall Lifeboat Safety


IMCA Safety Flash 16/15 - October 2015

  1. Older "Norfolk Range" Powder Extinguishers from Before 2009
  2. Cargo Contamination Causing LTIs during Clean-Up
  3. Line of fire injury - Man struck in Face by Hammer
  4. RWC - Caught between: Finger Smashed by Tooling
  5. Everyday Activity, unwanted Outcome: Poor Manual Handling Leads to Back Strain


IMCA Safety Flash 15/15 - October 2015

Focus - Incidents Occuring Lifting Operations

  1. Dropped Objects Fatalities: Workers Struck by Fallen Loads During Lifting Operations
  2. Incidents Involving Poor Crane Operations
  3. Spillage of Methanol During Cargo Operations


IMCA Safety Flash 14/15 - October 2015

  1. High Potential Incidents and Fatalities in 2014 - International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP)
  2. Fall from Height in a Confined Space
  3. Electrical Shock - Failure of Isolations and Barriers
  4. Crewman Struck by Sling during Anchor Handling Operations
  5. Dropped Object Near Miss Lifting
  6. Dropped Object Near Miss: ROV Wire Rope
  7. Confined Space Fatality in Shipyard
  8. Electrician Fatally Electrocuted


IMCA Safety Flash 13/15 - September 2015

  1. Grounding and Flooding of Ferry - Complacency
  2. LTI - Rigger Struck by Rigging under Tension
  3. Fire Hydrants fitted with Incorrect Coupling Size


IMCA Safety Flash 12/15 - August 2015

  1. Near Miss (HIPO): Engine Started and Running whilst Crew Member Working on Shaft Generator
  2. Finger/Hand Injuries
  3. Collision between Crew Boat and Anchored Barge
  4. Confined Space Entry Fatalities
  5. Thermal Tunnel Buoyancy when Deployed Subsea


IMCA Safety Flash 11/15 - August 2015

  1. Lost Time Injury (LTI) and Restricted Workday Case (RWC) following Failure of Diving Bell Door System
  2. Near Miss - Broken Chain on Sling of Personnel Lifting Basket
  3. Uncontrolled Exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration (HAVS)
  4. Mooring Line Failure Resulting in Serious Injury
  5. Near Miss Dropped Object: Protector Plate Drops from Crane


IMCA Safety Flash 10/15 - July 2015

  1. Near Miss: Dropped Object Fell from Crane Boom
  2. Dropped Object Near Miss: Antenna Parts Worked Loose and Fell to Deck
  3. Control of Sub-Contractor Personnel: Unplanned and Uncertified Lifting Operations
  4. Poor Storage Leading to Failure and Disintegration of cutting Discs
  5. Daughter Craft Man Overboard Incident
  6. Lithium Battery Contents in Eyes


IMCA Safety Flash 09/15 - June 2015

  1. "Routine" Task, Non-Routine Result: Batteries Stored Sideways Leak Battery Acid
  2. "Routine" Activities - Non-Routine Result: Finger Injury during Welding
  3. Near Miss: Trapped Tagline Pins Banksman against Stanchion
  4. Vessel Electrical Equipment Caught Fire
  5. Fire on Offshore Renewables Industry Crew Transfer Vehicle
  6. Aberdeen Harbour: annual Summary of Marine Safety Reports 2013


IMCA Safety Flash 08/15 - June 2015

  1. Near Miss: Hot Work in No Weld Zone
  2. ROV Main Lift Umbilical Failure
  3. Near Miss: Fire Axe Falls Out of Cabinet, almost Hits a Fireman's Toes
  4. Fatalities: Engine Room Fire Caused by Fuel Spray Ignition
  5. Bulk Hose Drawn into Thruster - Severe Damage and Delay


IMCA Safety Flash 07/15 - May 2015

  1. Second-Hand Equipment Causes Engine Breakdown
  2. Near Miss: Unexpected Water Ingress during Fault Finding of a Cracked Water Pipe
  3. Near Miss: Equipment Failure: Broken Mast Arms
  4. Minor damage to pontoon cleat during Crew Transfer Vessel mooring operations


IMCA Safety Flash 06/15 - May 2015

  1. Objects Dropped from Pipelay Tower
  2. Failure of Underwater Pan and Tilt Rotator Unit
  3. Marine Risk Managemetn within the Safety Zone
  4. Near miss Incidents: Crew Transfer Vehicles Approaching Wind Turbines
  5. Badly Sprained AnkleResulting in LTI


IMCA Safety Flash 05/15 - April 2015

  1. Fatal Incident during Change-Out of Chain Wheel (Gypsy) on Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) Vessel
  2. Lifting Equipment Failure: Objects Dropped into Moonpool
  3. Winch Brake Failure
  4. Routine Task: Badly Cut Finger Changing Mop Head
  5. Hand Injury during Stowing of Anchor chain
  6. Finger Injury - Pinchpoint - during Hose Handling


IMCA Safety Flash 04/15 - March 2015

  1. Electric Shock Incident
  2. LTI during Lifting Operations - Backloading Tubular Cargo
  3. Stored Pressure Release - Hydraulic Oil
  4. Diver Fainted
  5. Near Miss: Quarantine of Fall Arrest Equipment
  6. Fire in Engine Room on Platform Supply Vessel
  7. Near Miss: Draw String on Storm Jacket Drawn into Rotating Equipment


IMCA Safety Flash 03/15 - March 2015

  1. Capstan Wire Parted during Deployment of Anchor Buoy
  2. Diver Sustains Water Jetting Injury
  3. Near Miss: Supply Vessel in Path of Helicopter Making Approach to Platform
  4. Near Miss: Manual Handling in the Office
  5. Near Miss: Potential Fall from Height during Launch of Rescue Craft
  6. Man Overboard (MOB) Rescue Lifting Slings Parted


IMCA Safety Flash 02/15 - February 2015

  1. Dropped Object Near Miss: Falling Crane Block
  2. Dropped Object Near Misses
  3. Dropped Object - Failure of Lump Hammer
  4. Near Miss: Missing Nut and Split Pin on Shackle
  5. Near Miss: Man Overboard
  6. Fatality: Worker Crushed by Engine Piston Assembly


IMCA Safety Flash 01/15 - January 2015

  1. LTI - Hand Injury during Mooring Operations
  2. Near Miss: Safe Use of Chains in Rigging
  3. Near Miss: Anchoring of Rigging to Uncertified Points
  4. S92 Helicopter Pressure Refuelling Incident
  5. High Potential Dropped Object
  6. Disposal of Flammable Substances with Ignition Sources
  7. Unplanned Release of 960 Litres of Hydraulic Oil