Safety, Environment & Legislation



IMCA strives to ensure continuous improvement in the safety performance of the marine contracting sector to help members achieve the challenging zero-injury goal.

However, every incident has consequences - for the people involved, who may be injured or worse, their families and colleagues, in terms of damage to equipment, through lost up-time and in financial and business terms for the company involved. For these reasons IMCA and its members continue to strive to eliminate incidents from our industry.

Our SEL core committee works on a number of safety initiatives as well as co-ordinating safety-related issues with our technical divisions.

  • Good practice guidance to improve safety in the marine contracting sector
  • Incident analysis and reporting to facilitate safe, reliable and efficient operations
  • Seminars and workshops to encourage the sharing of safety information
  • Safety training to meet the specialist needs of members
  • Safety promotion materials to develop and strengthen the safety culture in member organisations
  • Safety flashes to highlight potential workplace incidents and help avoid a recurrence
  • Safety statistics to identify industry trends and provide a benchmarking tool for members.

 The committee also co-ordinates safety-related issues within our technical divisions: