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Incident Reporting and Analysis

Incident Reporting and Analysis

IMCA facilitates the sharing of information on potential hazards at the worksite and lessons learnt from follow-up investigations, thereby helping the industry to avoid repeat occurrences.

Analysis of trends helps focus our work programme on critical areas to deliver more assistance to the industry. In addition, learning from mistakes is a key part of business improvement and the pursuit of efficiency. Avoiding repeating an incident or accident saves lives, time and money - we all know it makes sense. IMCA has been at the forefront of helping its members in this regard by collecting, analysing and publishing data in a variety of forms:

  • Safety flashes - sharing information on various incidents, near-misses and hazard observations to help avoid recurrences elsewhere in the industry. Download reports dating back to 1997>>
  • DP incidents - enabling analysis of trends and common causes of incidents, with follow-up work with vessel operators, manufacturers, training providers and others
  • Annual safety statistics - these benchmark the sector's performance as well as a company's individual performance relative to its peer group
  • Security alerts - identifying and sharing information on threats via the Security Task Force helps the development of guidance on avoidance tactics
  • Un-minuted discussions - sharing safety-related information via free discussion at regional section, committee and workgroup meetings.

We handle all reports confidentially. They are anonymised and checked with contributors prior to publication or circulation to any committees or workgroups.

Join us in helping the industry further improve its safety performance by adding to your alert distribution list.

Reporting forms

Use these forms to report incidents to IMCA:

Reports in companies' own formats are equally welcome. Submit to