IMCA members are encouraged to reproduce the IMCA logo in their corporate documentation to demonstrate membership of the association.

The IMCA logo may be used:

  • To indicate membership, preferably with the word ‘Member’ underneath
  • In association with only the following IMCA-approved courses: trainee diving supervisor; assistant life support technician; or IMCA-recognised diver medic training; plus successfully completed IMCA-approved competence assessments for experienced divers
  • To indicate an IMCA-supported event or publication (specific prior agreement with IMCA required)
  • With prior agreement, for the purposes of a website link where no IMCA-approval is implied or could be perceived.

The IMCA name and logo must not be used:

  • To indicate IMCA approval (apart from the courses listed above)
  • Auditing – there are no IMCA-approved auditors
  • Contractors – there are no IMCA-approved contractors
  • Training and certification – except for the courses named above, IMCA does not approve any other courses or training providers
  • On certificates, as this could imply IMCA approval which does not exist
  • For any other purposes without prior agreement.

Please contact the secretariat to obtain the relevant files and style guide for reproducing the IMCA logo.