Membership Categories

IMCA has six membership categories, based on a company’s activities and scale of business.

Global Contractor (GCo)

GCo membership is IMCA’s highest category of membership, representing leading industry contractors operating on a global scale. Members have demonstrable history of active corporate commitment to IMCA covering all technical divisions and all geographic regions. Members will generally have been International Contractor (ICo) members before progressing to GCo membership.

International Contractor (ICo)

ICo membership comprises contractors with a strong international presence – operating in three or more of the IMCA regions. Members are able to demonstrate their scale of marine construction capability, their geographical presence and their commitment and involvement with IMCA. Companies will generally have been Contractor (Co) members before progressing to ICo membership.

Contractor (Co) Membership

This is the largest category and represents the vast majority of marine contractors operating on a national or regional level. Much of IMCA’s work is to represent its contractor members and our work programme is directed to serve them.

Supplier (S/S*) Membership

The industry’s supply chain supporting our contractor members have always played an important part and role in IMCA. There are two supplier categories: Suppliers of equipment and services (S) and training establishments and personnel agencies (S*).

Corresponding (C) Membership

Membership is open to companies and organisations with a keen interest in IMCA’s work, such as clients (oil companies, etc.), regulators (governments and other bodies) and other associations/professional bodies working in the offshore sector.