Global Contractors (GCo)

GCo membership is IMCA’s highest category of membership. It covers all divisions and regions and reflects the active commitment to the association and leading roles in good practice within the industry of the following companies.
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International Contractors (ICo)

ICo membership is for contractors with an international presence, operating in three or more IMCA regions as offshore oil and gas construction contractors. It covers all divisions and regions and reflects a significant commitment to supporting association’s work.
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Contractors (Co)

IMCA exists to represent its contractor members and the work programme is directed to serve them, in terms of production/dissemination of industry good practice guidance, work on topics of common interest, briefing and lobbying.
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Diving contractors are identified by the following sub-categories:

    • Diving   Contractor (unrestricted)
    • Diving   Contractor (surface supplied only)
    • Diving   Contractor (one-atmosphere suits only)
    • Diving   Contractor (one-year temporary membership)
    • Diving   Contractor (one-year temporary membership for surface supplied diving only)

    Member nameDivisionsRegion
    Alam Hidro (M) Sdn BhdDivingAsia-Pacific
    Beacon Offshore LtdDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Bhagwan MarineDivingMarineAsia-Pacific
    Boskalis Offshore - APACDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    DWS Offshore Pte LtdDivingMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    FSDS LLCDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Kreuz Subsea Pte LtdDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Master Tech Diving Services Pte LtdDivingAsia-Pacific
    Mermaid Subsea Services (Thailand) LtdDivingMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    Mermaid Subsea Services MalaysiaDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    New Zealand Diving and Salvage LtdDivingAsia-Pacific
    Ocean Works Asia, Inc.DivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Offshore Subsea ServicesDivingMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    Petrovietnam Manpower Training CollegeDivingAsia-Pacific
    PT Advanced Offshore ServicesDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    PT Jaya Salvage IndonesiaDivingAsia-Pacific
    PT Lancar Rejeki Berkat JayaDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    PT Offshore Services IndonesiaDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    PT PATRA DINAMIKADivingROVAsia-Pacific
    PT Seascape Surveys IndonesiaDivingSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Sapura Subsea Services Sdn BhdDivingMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    Shanghai Salvage CompanyDivingMarineAsia-Pacific
    Shanye Marine Services Co LtdDivingAsia-Pacific
    Shelf SubseaDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Thien Nam Subsea Services JSCDivingAsia-Pacific
    Ultra Deep Subsea Pte LtdDivingAsia-Pacific
    UMC International (Far East) Pte LtdDivingAsia-Pacific
    Unidive Offshore Pte LtdDivingAsia-Pacific

    Suppliers (S and S*)

    Those companies supplying IMCA’s contractor members can benefit from our work in their areas of expertise and interest; they also provide additional expert input to assist in our ongoing work programme, including development of industry guidance.
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    Supplier types:

    • E Equipment
    • S Services
    • N Naval unit
    • T Training establishment
    • P Personnel agency
    Member nameTypeDivisionsRegion
    Advanced Marine Pte LtdE S      DivingSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Air Liquide Singapore Pte LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Air Products (Dongguan) Gases Co.,LtdE S      DivingAsia-Pacific
    Air Products Singapore Industrial Gases Pte. LtdE S      DivingAsia-Pacific
    Andra Offshore Services Pte Ltd  S      DivingMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    Blue Water Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd  S      DivingAsia-Pacific
    BOC LimitedE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Commercial Dive Academy      T  DivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Dominion Gas Asia Pacific Pte LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    EF Consult Asia Pte Ltd         DivingAsia-Pacific
    Flash Tekk Engineering Pte LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Flinders EMA Pte Ltd  S      DivingAsia-Pacific
    Fox Offshore Pte. Ltd  S      DivingMarineAsia-Pacific
    Global Gases Australia Pty LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Hyperbaric Health Asia Sdn Bhd      T  DivingAsia-Pacific
    JFD AustraliaE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    JFD Singapore Pte LtdE S      DivingAsia-Pacific
    KB Associates Pte Ltd  S      DivingMarineAsia-Pacific
    KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd      T  DivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Leong Siew Weng Engineering Pte Ltd         DivingAsia-Pacific
    M3 Marine Group Pte Ltd  S      DivingMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    MOG Industry Training Co. Ltd      T  DivingAsia-Pacific
    NZ School of Commercial Diver Training      T  DivingAsia-Pacific
    Pacific Commercial Diving Supply Pty LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    PVD Technical Training & Certification JSC Vietnam      T  DivingSurveyAsia-Pacific
    Sea and Land Technologies Pte LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Shanghai Salvage Bureau Wuhu Diving Equipment PlantE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    SS Subsea Works Sdn Bhd, MalaysiaE S      DivingAsia-Pacific
    Supagas Pty LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Tanabe Pneumatic Machinery Co Ltd  S      DivingAsia-Pacific
    Thrust Maritime Pty LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Trim Systems Pte LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Unique System (SEA) Pte Ltd         DivingAsia-Pacific

    Corresponding (C)

    Non-voting, corresponding membership is open to companies and organisations with an interest in IMCA’s work, but which the association does not represent directly, such as clients (oil companies, etc.), regulators (governments and other bodies) and other associations/professional bodies working in the offshore sector.
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    Member nameDivisionsRegion
    ADAS - Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme Board Inc, TheDivingAsia-Pacific
    BP BerauDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sendirian BerhadDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Exxon Neftegas LimitedDivingSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    INPEX Operations Australia Pty LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    National Offshore Petroleum Safety & Environmental Management AuthorityDivingMarineAsia-Pacific
    POSCO International CorporationDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    PT Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    PTT Exploration & Production plcDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Rosneft BVDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Royal New Zealand NavyDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Santos WA Energy LimitedDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Woodside Energy LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific