Global Contractors (GCo)

GCo membership is IMCA’s highest category of membership. It covers all divisions and regions and reflects the active commitment to the association and leading roles in good practice within the industry of the following companies.
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International Contractors (ICo)

ICo membership is for contractors with an international presence, operating in three or more IMCA regions as offshore oil and gas construction contractors. It covers all divisions and regions and reflects a significant commitment to supporting association’s work.
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Contractors (Co)

IMCA exists to represent its contractor members and the work programme is directed to serve them, in terms of production/dissemination of industry good practice guidance, work on topics of common interest, briefing and lobbying.
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Diving contractors are identified by the following sub-categories:

    • Diving   Contractor (unrestricted)
    • Diving   Contractor (surface supplied only)
    • Diving   Contractor (one-atmosphere suits only)
    • Diving   Contractor (one-year temporary membership)
    • Diving   Contractor (one-year temporary membership for surface supplied diving only)

    Member nameDivisionsRegion
    1Diamond LLCROVNorth America
    AMI - American Marine InternationalDivingNorth America
    Aqueos CorporationDivingNorth America
    ArdentDivingNorth America
    Atlantic Towing LtdMarineNorth America
    Canship Ugland LtdMarineNorth America
    Constructora Subacuatica Diavaz SA de CVDivingMarineNorth America
    Delta Subsea LLC/ Delta Marine TechnologiesROVNorth America
    Diamond Offshore Drilling IncMarineNorth America
    Epic Divers & MarineDivingNorth America
    Global Diving & Salvage IncDivingNorth America
    Horizon Maritime Services LtdMarineNorth America
    Hornbeck Offshore Operators LLCMarineROVNorth America
    Hull Support Services LtdDivingROVNorth America
    Jackson Offshore Operators LLCMarineNorth America
    Noble Drilling Services IncMarineNorth America
    Oceaneering International, Inc.DivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Petroserv Marine, IncMarineNorth America
    Phoenix International Holdings, IncROVNorth America
    Secunda Canada LPMarineNorth America
    Tidewater Inc.MarineNorth America
    TransoceanMarineNorth America
    Transoceanic Cable Ship Company, LLC.MarineROVNorth America
    UTEC Survey, Inc.SurveyNorth America
    Valaris PlcMarineNorth America
    Vantage Energy Services Inc. MarineNorth America

    Suppliers (S and S*)

    Those companies supplying IMCA’s contractor members can benefit from our work in their areas of expertise and interest; they also provide additional expert input to assist in our ongoing work programme, including development of industry guidance.
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    Supplier types:

    • E Equipment
    • S Services
    • N Naval unit
    • T Training establishment
    • P Personnel agency
    Member nameTypeDivisionsRegion
    Alliance Marine Services  S      MarineNorth America
    CDA Technical Institute, Inc      T  DivingNorth America
    Commercial Diving Institute of Canada      T  DivingNorth America
    Commercial Diving Technologies, LLC      T  DivingNorth America
    Compass Personnel Services Inc      T  SurveyROVNorth America
    Divers Academy International      T  DivingNorth America
    Divers Institute of Technology      T  DivingNorth America
    DiveSafe International      T  DivingNorth America
    DNV GL - Central & North America  S      MarineNorth America
    Forum Energy TechnologiesE        ROVNorth America
    Gulf Marine Contractors  S      MarineNorth America
    Holland College - Marine Training Centre      T  MarineNorth America
    I3P ConsultantsE S      MarineNorth America
    International Diving Institute      T  DivingNorth America
    Kirby Morgan Dive SystemsE     T  DivingNorth America
    LBJ Maritime Inc      T  DivingNorth America
    Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador      T  MarineROVNorth America
    Marine Safety Consultants, Inc.  S      MarineNorth America
    Mexssub International LLC  S      DivingNorth America
    NuvairE        DivingNorth America
    Safe Marine Assurance  S      MarineNorth America
    Samson Rope TechnologiesE        MarineNorth America
    Seneca College - Underwater Skills Program      T  DivingNorth America
    Slingmax, Inc.E S      MarineNorth America
    TE Connectivity - Rochester Wire & CableE S      ROVNorth America
    Team Trident LLC         ROVNorth America
    The Ocean Corporation      T  DivingNorth America
    Wärtsilä Dynamic Positioning IncE        MarineNorth America

    Corresponding (C)

    Non-voting, corresponding membership is open to companies and organisations with an interest in IMCA’s work, but which the association does not represent directly, such as clients (oil companies, etc.), regulators (governments and other bodies) and other associations/professional bodies working in the offshore sector.
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    Member nameDivisionsRegion
    BHP BillitonDivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB)DivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Center for Offshore SafetyMarineROVNorth America
    Chevron Shipping CoDivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Diver Certification Board of CanadaDivingNorth America
    ExxonMobil Development CompanyDivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Hess CorporationDivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Husky EnergyDivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    IADC - International Association of Drilling ContractorsMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    IAGC - International Association of Geophysical ContractorsSurveyNorth America
    NOIA - National Ocean Industries AssociationDivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Offshore Operators Committee (OOC)DivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Suncor Energy Inc.DivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    US Coast GuardMarineNorth America