Global Contractors (GCo)

GCo membership is IMCA’s highest category of membership. It covers all divisions and regions and reflects the active commitment to the association and leading roles in good practice within the industry of the following companies.
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International Contractors (ICo)

ICo membership is for contractors with an international presence, operating in three or more IMCA regions as offshore oil and gas construction contractors. It covers all divisions and regions and reflects a significant commitment to supporting association’s work.
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Contractors (Co)

IMCA exists to represent its contractor members and the work programme is directed to serve them, in terms of production/dissemination of industry good practice guidance, work on topics of common interest, briefing and lobbying.
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Diving contractors are identified by the following sub-categories:

    • Diving   Contractor (unrestricted)
    • Diving   Contractor (surface supplied only)
    • Diving   Contractor (one-atmosphere suits only)
    • Diving   Contractor (one-year temporary membership)
    • Diving   Contractor (one-year temporary membership for surface supplied diving only)

    Member nameDivisionsRegion
    Abu Dhabi Marine Operations and Services CompanyDivingMarineMiddle East & India
    Adams Offshore WLLDivingMarineROVMiddle East & India
    Adsun Offshore Diving Contractors Pvt LtdDivingMiddle East & India
    Advanced Offshore Contractors Pvt LtdDivingROVMiddle East & India
    Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance Co.SurveyMiddle East & India
    AlMansoori Production Services LLCMarineMiddle East & India
    Aqua Diving ServicesDivingMiddle East & India
    Aqua Omega Services Pvt LtdDivingMiddle East & India
    Archirodon Construction (Overseas) Co SADivingMiddle East & India
    Assodivers Limited - Middle East & IndiaROVMiddle East & India
    ATCO Ports Management & Marine ServicesMarineMiddle East & India
    Atlantic Maritime Group FZEMarineMiddle East & India
    Boskalis Offshore - Middle East & IndiaDivingMarineROVMiddle East & India
    Caspian Offshore Construction LLPMarineMiddle East & India
    Consolidated Contractors Company (Underwater Engineering) SALDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Daniel Surveying FZCSurveyMiddle East & India
    Deeptech Oil ServicesROVMiddle East & India
    Del. Seatek India Pvt. LtdDivingMiddle East & India
    Divetech Marine Engineering Services LLCDivingMiddle East & India
    Dulam International LtdDivingMarineROVMiddle East & India
    FSDS LLPDivingROVMiddle East & India
    Global Marine ServicesMarineMiddle East & India
    Greatship (India) LtdMarineMiddle East & India
    Gulf Dredging & General Contracting Company KSC (Closed)MarineMiddle East & India
    Gulf Marine ServicesMarineMiddle East & India
    HAL Offshore LtdMarineMiddle East & India
    Halul Offshore Services CompanyDivingMarineROVMiddle East & India
    Heavy Engineering Industries & Shipbuilding Co. K.S.C.(Public)MarineMiddle East & India
    Horizon GeosciencesSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    IGOPL Offshore Pvt. LtdDivingMiddle East & India
    Impresub International LLCDivingSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Integrated Subsea Engineering & Services LLCDivingMiddle East & India
    International Marine Works - AlexandriaDivingROVMiddle East & India
    International Naval Works - Abu DhabiDivingMarineMiddle East & India
    James Fisher Subtech Group Ltd - Middle East & IndiaDivingMiddle East & India
    Khalid Faraj ShippingMarineMiddle East & India
    Khalifa A Algosaibi Diving & Marine ServicesDivingMiddle East & India
    L&T Sapura Shipping Pvt LtdMarineMiddle East & India
    Maridive & Oil ServicesMarineMiddle East & India
    Maridive & Oil Services (SAE)DivingMiddle East & India
    Maridive Offshore ProjectsDivingSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Marine Services Co Ltd Saudi ArabiaMarineMiddle East & India
    Mermaid Subsea Services LLCDivingROVMiddle East & India
    MMSL - Menas Marine Services LtdMarineMiddle East & India
    Mubarak Marine LLCMarineMiddle East & India
    Mutawa Marine Works LLCDivingMiddle East & India
    National Marine Dredging CoMarineMiddle East & India
    Navtec Marine Services SAMarineMiddle East & India
    NPCC - National Petroleum Construction CompanyDivingSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Petroleum Marine Services Co.DivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Sahara Petroleum CompanySurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Seacor Offshore Dubai LLCMarineMiddle East & India
    Seamec LimitedDivingMarineMiddle East & India
    SeaPro Petroleum & Marine Services (Marine Contractors)MarineSurveyMiddle East & India
    Seatek Oil and Gas Services LLCDivingMiddle East & India
    Seaways International DMCCMarineMiddle East & India
    Six Construct LtdMarineMiddle East & India
    Smit LamnalcoDivingMarineROVMiddle East & India
    SOCAR, Azneft PU, Diving ServiceDivingROVMiddle East & India
    SOCAR-Dalgidj LLCDivingROVMiddle East & India
    Stanford MarineMarineMiddle East & India
    Subsea Petroleum ServicesMarineMiddle East & India
    Supreme Hydro Engineering Pvt LtdDivingMiddle East & India
    Synergy Subsea Engineering LLCDivingMiddle East & India
    Timsah Shipbuilding CompanyDivingMarineMiddle East & India
    Topaz Energy and MarineMarineMiddle East & India
    Underwater Services Company LtdDivingMiddle East & India
    Zakher Marine International Inc.MarineMiddle East & India
    Zamil Offshore Services CompanyMarineSurveyMiddle East & India

    Suppliers (S and S*)

    Those companies supplying IMCA’s contractor members can benefit from our work in their areas of expertise and interest; they also provide additional expert input to assist in our ongoing work programme, including development of industry guidance.
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    Supplier types:

    • E Equipment
    • S Services
    • N Naval unit
    • T Training establishment
    • P Personnel agency
    Member nameTypeDivisionsRegion
    Applied Research International Pvt. Ltd  S      MarineROVMiddle East & India
    Aqualis Offshore Marine Services LLC  S      MarineMiddle East & India
    Aries Marine  S      MarineMiddle East & India
    Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories  S      DivingMiddle East & India
    Chambers Oceanics FZCE        DivingMiddle East & India
    DNV GL - Middle East & India  S      MarineMiddle East & India
    Drexel Marine International Petroleum ServicesE S      ROVMiddle East & India
    Global Gases Group FZEE        DivingMiddle East & India
    Global Maritime (Middle East)  S      MarineMiddle East & India
    Godrej Memorial Hospital      T  DivingMiddle East & India
    Khalifa A Algosaibi Diving & Marine Technical Services Company  S      DivingMiddle East & India
    Marine Services Co. LtdE S      DivingMiddle East & India
    Maritime Safety Institute      T  MarineMiddle East & India
    Marsol International LimitedE S      MarineMiddle East & India
    MCS Free ZoneE S      ROVMiddle East & India
    Middle East for Commercial Diving - MECD      T  DivingROVMiddle East & India
    NUSI Offshore Training Institute      T  MarineMiddle East & India
    Oxy-Dive Training Center      T  ROVMiddle East & India
    Pan Arab E-Navigation DP Training Center      T  MarineMiddle East & India
    PRO Marine Solutions Pvt Ltd  S      MarineMiddle East & India
    Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies      T  MarineMiddle East & India
    Seatek Oil and Gas Services LLC         DivingMiddle East & India
    Sources Workshop Equipment Co (LLC)E        DivingMiddle East & India
    Synergy Diving and Equipment Solutions FZCE        DivingMiddle East & India
    Synergy Subsea Engineering LLCE        DivingMiddle East & India
    Training, Education and Certification Department of SOCAR      T  DivingMiddle East & India
    Tritek Power & Automation FZC  S      MarineMiddle East & India
    Unique Group - Middle East & IndiaE        DivingMiddle East & India

    Corresponding (C)

    Non-voting, corresponding membership is open to companies and organisations with an interest in IMCA’s work, but which the association does not represent directly, such as clients (oil companies, etc.), regulators (governments and other bodies) and other associations/professional bodies working in the offshore sector.
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    Member nameDivisionsRegion
    Dolphin Energy LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Dubai Petroleum EstablishmentDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO)DivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Kuwait Oil CompanyDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    North Oil CompanyDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Oil & Natural Gas Corporation LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Qatar PetroleumDivingMarineMiddle East & India
    Saudi Aramco - Marine DepartmentDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Vedanta Limited (Cairn Oil & Gas)DivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India