Subscription Fees

The following table sets out IMCA subscription fees for 2018 for the Contractor (Co), Supplier (S/S*) and Corresponding (C) membership categories.

There are two elements to IMCA subscriptions: the ‘basic’ fee plus a divisional fee (each member must join one or more divisions relevant to its own activities).

Please note that all new membership applications are subject to a £1,000 joining fee.

CategoryBasic feeDivingMarineSurveyROV
Contractor (Co)£ 3,168£ 3,168£ 3,168£ 1,584£ 1,584
Supplier (S)£ 1,584£ 1,584£ 1,584£ 792£ 792
Supplier (S*)£ 792£ 792£ 792£ 396£ 396
Corresponding (C)£ 6,336

Allen Leatt, IMCA CEO, wrote a note for members on 2018 Member Subscriptions in October 2017.

Diving Contractor Membership Applications

Below are the audit fees for applications for diving contractor membership.

Desktop audit review

Membership audit feesAudit Fee
Initial desktop review – surface supplied application£ 4,500.00
Initial desktop review – surface supplied and saturation diving application£ 7,000.00
Desktop review – upgrade from temporary to full IMCA contractor membership£ 4,500.00
Desktop review – upgrade from surface supplied diving contractor to saturation diving contractor£ 4,500.00

On-site audit fees (if required)

Audit fees for site visit (2 days)£ 3,000.00
Any additional days (if required) per day£ 1,200.00

Travel and subsistence expenses

Travel and subsistence expenses will be invoiced at cost plus 5% upon completion of the audit.