Lapsed Memberships

For more details on IMCA member categories and a key to the symbols below, please see the main membership directory page.

Lapsed Contractors (Co)

Member nameDivisionsRegion
Advanced Energy Systems (ADES)MarineROVMiddle East & India
Alam Subsea Pte LtdROVAsia-Pacific
Aqua Omega Services Pvt LtdDivingMiddle East & India
Australian Offshore Solutions Pty LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
BGP Inc., CNPCSurveyAsia-Pacific
Bibby Subsea ROV LLCMarineROVNorth America
BourbonMarineROVEurope & Africa
Britoil Offshore Services Pte LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
CUEL LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
Dockwise Shipping B.V.MarineEurope & Africa
Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) LtdDivingMarineROVMiddle East & India
Egyptian Maintenance Co. (EMC)SurveyROVMiddle East & India
First Priority Resources International LtdMarineEurope & Africa
GOGAS Gulf Oil & Gas LLCMarineMiddle East & India
Grup Servicii Petroliere SADivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
Huta Marine Works LtdMarineMiddle East & India
Maju GeoHydro Sdn BhdSurveyAsia-Pacific
Nadi Marine Sdn BhdROVAsia-Pacific
National Port Services Co LtdMarineMiddle East & India
Ocean Technologies Geomatics Sdn BhdSurveyAsia-Pacific
Oceaneering Marine Production Systems do BrasilSurveyROVSouth America
Offshore Technology Solutions LtdDivingROVNorth America
Pageo Geoscience Sdn BhdSurveyAsia-Pacific
PBJV Group Sdn BhdMarineROVAsia-Pacific
Petrustech Oil & Gas - South AmericaROVSouth America
PT Mahakarya Geo SurveySurveyROVAsia-Pacific
PT Samudera Biru NusantaraDivingAsia-Pacific
SAROST SADivingEurope & Africa
SeaOwl FranceSurveyROVEurope & Africa
Trigstation Sdn BhdSurveyAsia-Pacific
Zenith Orion Geosurvey Sdn BhdSurveyAsia-Pacific

Lapsed Suppliers (S and S*)

Member nameTypeDivisionsRegion
7 Seas Pte LtdE S      ROVAsia-Pacific
ABS  S      MarineEurope & Africa
ADPS Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
AIMS Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
Aimselect Projects Limited         MarineEurope & Africa
Aqua-Air Industries IncE        DivingNorth America
Blueday Technology ASE        MarineEurope & Africa
BOATLABS AS  S      MarineEurope & Africa
Bouvet Offshore Solution Limited  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
Braemar Engineering (Wavespec Limited)  S      MarineEurope & Africa
Centro Studi CEDIFOP      T  DivingEurope & Africa
China National Offshore Safety Alliance Marine Technical & Service Co Ltd  S      MarineROVAsia-Pacific
DRC Dive SystemsE S      DivingEurope & Africa
Forum Energy Technologies (UK) LtdE S      ROVEurope & Africa
Fundação Homem do Mar      T  MarineSouth America
Global Gases Group FZEE        DivingMiddle East & India
Global Maritime (Asia-Pacific)  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
Guidance Marine LtdE        MarineEurope & Africa
IDESS Maritime Centre (Subic) Inc      T  MarineROVAsia-Pacific
Iqarus  S      DivingEurope & Africa
Joemarine Nautical Company Nigeria Limited         MarineEurope & Africa
KDU Worldwide Technical Services (FZC)  S      MarineMiddle East & India
Kongsberg Maritime LtdE        SurveyEurope & Africa
Korea Maritime and Ocean University      T  MarineAsia-Pacific
Lavaretus Risk Engineering  S      MarineEurope & Africa
Lerus Ltd         MarineEurope & Africa
Lloyd's Register EMEA         DivingEurope & Africa
Makarov Training Centre of the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime      T  Europe & Africa
Marine Consulting Del Sureste         MarineNorth America
Marine Gate Limited  S      MarineEurope & Africa
Marsol Worldwide Limited  S      MarineMiddle East & India
North East Subsea Limited         MarineEurope & Africa
NSW Technology LtdE        ROVEurope & Africa
PROSET Marine Ltd         MarineSouth America
PT Barron International      T  DivingMarineAsia-Pacific
PT ISBI      T  MarineAsia-Pacific
Red Penguin Associates Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
Rigil Services Sdn Bhd  S      ROVAsia-Pacific
Salvage & Marine Operations    N    DivingMarineROVEurope & Africa
SAROVE        ROVEurope & Africa
Sea Offshore Services (Middle East) Pte Ltd         DivingMarineAsia-Pacific
Sinoship Marine & Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd         MarineAsia-Pacific
Subnet Services LtdE S   T PROVEurope & Africa
TATI University College Sdn Bhd      T PROVAsia-Pacific
Terasaki Electric Co LtdE        MarineAsia-Pacific
TES Survey Equipment Services LLCE        SurveyMiddle East & India
The Diver Medic Ltd      T  DivingEurope & Africa
Thrust Maritime Pty LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
Totalmat Indústria e comercio de Equipamentos Hiperbáricos LtdaE        DivingSouth America
VGG India Private Limited      T PMarineMiddle East & India
Viking Seatech Group Pty LtdE S      SurveyAsia-Pacific
Weldzone Training Centre Sdn Bhd      T  DivingAsia-Pacific
Wesmans Marine AS  S      MarineEurope & Africa

Lapsed Corresponding (C)

Member nameDivisionsRegion
Bapco - The Bahrain Petroleum CompanyDivingMiddle East & India
Hess CorporationDivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
Petronas Carigali Sdn BhdDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
Qatar PetroleumDivingMarineMiddle East & India
Talisman Malaysia LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
Vedanta Limited (Cairn Oil & Gas)DivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India