Responsibilities of Members

IMCA’s constitution documents, the Articles of Association and Bye-laws, which are available on this website, set out the undertakings required of Members.  Some key elements are listed below, but for any clarification on the constitution, please contact the secretariat.

General undertakings for all members

  • Members are expected to commit to the Code of Conduct for IMCA Members
  • Members agree to further the aims and objectives of the Association and to promote self-regulation
  • Members agree not to bring the Association into disrepute
  • All Members are encouraged to take an active part in the affairs of the Association
  • The membership is expected to adopt the technical guidelines produced by the Association appropriate to the technical division(s) to which the relevant Member belongs as a minimum standard
  • Contractor Members (GCo, ICo and Co) agree to be audited by the Secretariat
  • Members agree to have an overall quality management system, which must include a safety management system
  • IMCA encourages Members to use the IMCA logo as a sign of their membership. When used in this way it should be accompanied by the word ‘Member’ or by the membership category, e.g. ‘Contractor (Co) Member’. Members agree not to use the IMCA name or logo to indicate compliance, approval or recognition.

The following sections set out additional undertakings relevant to each specific membership category:

Contractor (GCo/ICo/Co) members

Contractor Members agree not to use IMCA membership itself, or the IMCA name or logo to claim that they are compliant with IMCA guidelines or in any way ‘approved’ by IMCA. They need to demonstrate compliance, if asked, in their own way through reports and audits.

Companies wishing to join IMCA as diving contractor members need to demonstrate their ability to operate in accordance with the IMCA International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving and the relevant associated guidance. For more details on the diving contractor membership application process, please contact us.

Supplier (S/S*) members

Supplier Members agree not to use IMCA membership itself, or the IMCA name or logo, to claim that their products or services are in any way ‘approved’ by IMCA. If asked, they need to demonstrate the quality of their products and services in their own ways, through specifications, reports and audits.

  • Suppliers of Equipment (S) – there are no ‘IMCA approved’ products
  • Suppliers of Services (S) – there are no ‘IMCA approved’ auditors or consultants
  • Suppliers of Personnel (S*) – there are no ‘IMCA approved’ personnel agencies
  • Suppliers of Training Services (S*)
    Supplier of training (training establishments) members (S*) agree not to use IMCA membership itself, or the IMCA name or logo, to claim that their company, training establishment or courses are IMCA approved, except in the very limited circumstances mentioned below.
    There are only four training courses for which IMCA offers approval/recognition. Training establishments gain a separate certificate to indicate IMCA approval of these courses.

    1. Trainee air diving supervisor
    2. Trainee bell diving supervisor
    3. Assistant life support technician
    4. Diver medic.

    Members agree not to use the IMCA name and/or logo on any certificates except for the four courses listed above. Use of the IMCA name and/or logo in any other circumstances on certificates is prohibited. For the same reason, training establishments agree not to use the IMCA name and/or logo on any promotional materials relating to non-approved courses.
    Wording on course promotional material such as the following is acceptable:

    • “Course content is in accordance with guidance document IMCA X XXX – [TITLE]”
    • “Course content is in accordance with IMCA guidance documents and syllabi for [TOPIC]-related training courses”.

    Schools agree to supply their wording to the Secretariat for clarification purposes.

Corresponding (C) Members

Corresponding members recognise that the IMCA publications are guidance representing best practice in the industry.