Non-routine lift leads to thruster incapacity – DP undesired event


The vessel maintained position throughout.  The lift had not been properly planned or risk assessed for the object being lifted.  There was a failure to recognise that the mattress was not a routine lift.  A generic lift plan was used which did not cover this specific lift.

Considerations from the above event:

  • Danger of recognising an operation as routine, when it isn’t, and therefore using inappropriate standard procedures and risk assessments;
  • A situational awareness of the whole operation, involving all departments, is required;
  • Was there pressure to perform the task on an inappropriate vessel heading?
  • One thruster was on standby – if the lift had been identified as non-standard then possibly all thrusters would have been online;
  • DP red alert was used by the DP operator (DPO), although redundancy had not been compromised.  It is unknown whether this was in line with the activity specific operating guidelines (ASOG), however the DPO considered that the event had potential to escalate and therefore decided to initiate red alert.