Pilot ladder requirements

A member has reported an incident in which a vessel was supplied with a new pilot ladder which did not meet International Maritime Organization (IMO) or International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard.  This substandard pilot ladder was noticed by a Pilot in an Australian port.  He brought the matter up with the Master via the agent.

Showing knots in the steps (circled)
Showing knots in the steps (circled)

Members are reminded to ensure that:

  • The technical specification of pilot ladders meets IMO requirements as per Resolution A.1045(27);
  • Persons ordering or sourcing new pilot ladders should clearly know the IMO requirements and should specify to suppliers that every step on the ladder should be free of knots;
  • New pilot ladders are thoroughly checked before use to verify quality and to ensure that the steps are clear from knots;
  • Pilot ladders are always checked by the officer in charge before rigging and use to ensure it is fit for purpose, in good condition and secured properly to the vessel.