DP event investigation and testing inside the 500m zone – DP incident


The report concluded that the vessel should have proceeded out of the 500m zone to a safe area prior to investigating the fault and conducting tests.

Considerations from the above event:

  • There is no doubt that in circumstances such as this, where investigation and testing is required following a DP event, it should be conducted in a safe location and as a minimum outside the 500m zone.
  • The DP system’s level of redundancy always needs to be considered during investigation and testing.
  • It is not evident from the report, but it is wondered whether complacency contributed to this bad practice.
  • The original reported DP alarm should have resulted in a DP yellow alert.
  • The vessel might have considered using the independent joystick (IJS) rather than individual levers.
  • Emergency handling of the vessel should be practised on a regular basis.