Fire in the engine room – DP undesired event


Investigation found that the turbo charger on engine No 5 was damaged. DP position was maintained throughout.

Considerations from the above event:

Sharing information on events such as this can make a big impact on safety and the submission of this report is very much appreciated.

  • A fire on any vessel is serious and in the engine room of a DP vessel engaged in operations it should be considered very serious.
  • The first signs of a fire in the engine room should warrant a DP yellow alert.
  • Full details of the vessel power distribution are not known but consideration should be given to electrically isolate the affected engine room.
  • The above two points should be covered by the vessel activity specific operating guidelines (ASOG) or well specific operating guidelines (WSOG) so that the crew is in no doubt what action to take.
  • Vessel emergency drills should consist of scenarios such as this so that all crew know what to do and what will happen in similar circumstances.
  • It is essential the crew know what conditions would cause an automatic activation of the fire deluge system.