Bad connection causes loss of DGNSS – DP observation


After all the checking, it was found that there was water ingress at the L-Band connector to the antenna on the mast. This was dried and cleaned. The connectors were properly sealed with self-bonding electrical tape and cable ties.

Considerations from the above event:

  • This observation reinforces the need for good practice conducting field entry/arrival DP checks making sure all DP systems are operational and healthy.
  • It is unclear why the laser-based reference system was not in use but it is assumed the system was not immediately available due to distance or shadowing.
  • Several recent reports indicate the use of only two enabled position reference systems (PRS), these are often both DGNSS. It cannot be stressed enough that a mixture of PRS should be used.
  • Regular checks of connections which are exposed to the environment need to be carried out and included in planned maintenance systems.