Fatality during maintenance of elevator lift

The following fatality, which occurred during a routine maintenance task on an elevator lift installed on a rig, has been reported to IMCA. The task being undertaken was to change the wire that raised and lowered the lift. During the operation, the securing arrangement used for this maintenance task failed and the lift fell over 100 feet to the bottom of the lift shaft. The Barge Supervisor was on top of the lift when it fell and he died of his injuries.

At present, the exact details of what happened have not yet been fully established, but the company concerned and the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) are conducting detailed investigations into the incident.

The company concerned has undertaken to carry out the following actions:

  • Maintenance activities are to be reviewed and risk assessed to ensure that there are adequate controls in place before the start of a job. This may mean that additional assessment procedures will need to be drawn up for more complex activities;
  • The requirements of the UK Region Permit To Work (PTW) procedures are to be studied. Department heads, in conjunction with the OIM shall review and, if appropriate, reinforce the PTW system for maintenance activities.