Unsafe backloading of equipment

What happened?

Project related equipment was returned to a yard in a half-height container.  The equipment came from a project-chartered vessel which had been demobilised at a nearby port.

As the half-height container was unloaded from the truck, it became obvious that the equipment inside was inadequately packed and secured.  The contents of the container included an empty intermediate bulk container (IBC) and a full propane gas cylinder.

What went wrong?

  • Inadequate active supervision during the demobilisation;
  • Low risk perception and rushing to get the job finished;
  • Failure to acknowledge or understand hazardous acts/conditions and the importance of intervention.

What lessons were learned?

  • Personnel to call an ‘All Stop’ if an unsafe act or condition is observed;
  • Vessel management should ensure all equipment is backloaded in a safe and secure manner.