Slip on wet surface (Marine Safety Forum)

The Marine Safety Forum (MSF) has published Safety Alert 19-02, in which as crew member on bridge duty slipped on a wet area of the deck, landing on his back.

What Happened?

The vessel was standing by outside the 500-metre zone, waiting on weather, and was pitching and rolling, when the crew member slipped and fell onto his back.  The crew member felt no pain immediately after the incident, travelling home as part of the rotation.  Only later did he visit the local doctor, where it was confirmed symptoms corresponded with damaged ribs, which would heal naturally over time.

What were the causes?

  • The spilled water came from an unsecured kettle in the utility area of the bridge;
  • The water from the kettle had spilled onto the deck and was not clearly visible to the crew member as it was dark.

What actions were taken?

  • The kettle was fitted with a proper securing bracket for adverse weather;
  • The crewmember visited their doctor at home to be checked out;
  • The incident was discussed by both shifts during safety meetings.

The full safety alert can be found on the MSF website.