Galley electric shock – uncontrolled portable electrical equipment

What happened?

A person cleaning the galley got a mains electric shock; during galley cleaning, the chief cook was using a wet cloth to wipe clean the food preparation areas.  Mounted on an adjacent to the splash back was an electrical power board/extension socket.  The wet cloth contacted the electrical power board, resulting in the chief cook receiving a mild electric shock, felt as a ‘tingle’ to the arm.  Electrical outlets in the galley should be IP56 rated to protect against water.  However, a non-IP rated electrical power board had been paired with an IP rated plug to enable the use of personal appliances (powered speakers) in the galley.

What actions were taken?  What lessons were learned?

  • Removal of the unsuitable power board/extension socket;
  • Thorough review of the need for, and use of, power boards/extension sockets;
  • Focused inspections of accommodation and working areas to identify unauthorised electrical appliances/power boards;
  • Identify safe (authorised) areas outside of work zones for charging/use of personal appliances;
  • Reiterate to crew: when working with equipment, NEVER improvise by using non-standard or makeshift equipment.