Near miss: absence of safety pin in the anchor swivel shackle

What happened?

During planned modernisation of the stern anchor it was discovered that the safety pin in the anchor’s swivel shackle was absent. 

Positive action— Stop work authority – was exercised by the vessel crew.  There was a thorough visual inspection before work started, which allowed recognition that the anchoring equipment was in unsafe condition.

What were the causes?

There was no regular planned maintenance scheduled for this piece of equipment.  The condition and availability of the anchor swivel safety pin was not the part of the planned maintenance program; thus, it had not been checked periodically.

What actions were taken?  What lessons were learnt?

  • A new safety pin was ordered and installed in the shackle within 12 hours;
  • Conduct immediate additional full inspection and check condition of anchor swivel’s shackle and availability of safety pin;
  • Ensure that planned maintenance system (PMS) requires regular planned maintenance of anchoring equipment, including a check that the safety pin is in place and in good condition.