Unknown floating objects in 500m safety zone

What happened?

Several floating objects were identified in the 500m safety zone of an installation.  Our members’ vessel was requested to remove/tow these objects out of the safety zone to protect the installation.  While doing so, the propeller of a fast rescue craft was damaged.

What went wrong?

  • Unknown floating objects in the water creating a potential hazard for damage to vessels and small boats at work or offer a potential hazard to the installation.

What actions were taken?

  • The potential risks associated with unidentified objects at sea, whether floating or on the seabed, should be properly and thoroughly assessed, particularly when retrieval, towing and handling, or other intervention, is indicated. This risk assessment should include whether or not such objects are hazardous by nature and to what extent they could harm crew or assets;
  • Any potentially hazardous objects should be reported to relevant emergency response services to be dealt with. Relevant agreements should be in place and well known by crew members and to be followed;
  • Vessel crew and small boat/workboat crew should be vigilant and monitor any floating objects in water.