DP incident with assisted mooring

Comments from the report:

During cargo operations in DP assisted mooring, due to undefined information being fed to the DP system, the pitch on the port propeller increased to maximum. The vessel started to drive off the installation with the crane connected to the load, dimensions 3.5*10.5*6.5 m weighing 11 M Tons. All deck crew were already in safety area behind crash bar ready with tug lines for the lift.

Considerations of the IMCA Marine DP Committee from the above event:

  • There appears to be no consideration to the external force being applied to the vessel due to the use of mooring lines when in DP;
  • If an external force is applied to a DP vessel without feedback and correct configuration within the DP system, it will have unintended consequences;
  • It appears an appropriate Activity Specific Operating Guideline (ASOG) was not in use.