Man killed by falling ROV equipment on a drill rig

A member has alerted IMCA to a fatal accident on a Drilling Rig.

The accident involved an individual who was assisting to move a ROV hydraulic power pack, weighing 6,000 lb. The webbing sling holding the load failed and the load fell on his neck and killed him.

The IMCA member company, which was not directly involved in the specific accident, has issued the following instruction to their staff to prevent a similar accident occurring in their operations.

All site supervisors (on and offshore), offshore managers, diver superintendents, ship’s officers should make sure that webbing strops are in-date and inspected before they are used – every time.

Amend Company relevant Maintenance and Inspection Guidance on man-made fibre slings as follows:

    • measure the length to check for stretch
    • Visually examine web sling along its entire length and check for:
      • cuts or tears
      • burst stitching (especially around the eyes)
      • chemical damage
      • heat damage
    • ingress of foreign bodies into fibres
    • distortion/wear in metal eyes (where fitted)
    • Ensure the Safe Working Load is clearly marked and the identification tag is still attached.

    If any faults are found, it must be taken out of service.