Near miss/positive: crew exercised stop work on new gangway

What happened?

A newly installed gangway was found inadequate and unsafe. After the first transfer test on the gangway, the Captain observed several unsafe conditions – a trip hazard and a minor hydraulic leak – and he immediately exercised the Stop Work Authority.

On further inspection of the gangway some cracks were found on the welding seams, which also needed to be addressed before the gangway could be safely used. The Captain ordered the quarantine of the gangway until the corrective actions that he and his crew had identified could be implemented.

Cracked welding
Highlighting a trip hazard
Hydraulic oil leak

Positive findings:

  • The crew thoroughly inspected the gangway before use;
  • The crew implemented the Stop Work Authority when the gangway was found to be unsafe;
  • The gangway was quarantined until necessary repairs are completed and it is safe to use.

What actions were taken?

  • Remind crew that they are authorised and expected to exercise the Stop Work Policy without fear of reprisal if they are in doubt about any aspect of safety;
  • Conduct a prestart/installation inspection of all equipment, including equipment delivered by the client, to ensure that it is fit for purpose and safe to use;
  • Any equipment found to be unsafe should be quarantined and communicated as unfit to use.

Members may wish to refer to SOLAS. REGII-1/3-9. Means Of Embarkation On And Disembarkation From Ships.