And finishing on a positive note: A CPR success story – “we saved a life that day”

What happened?

An IMCA member reports that a crew member suffered several cardiac arrests in front of his crew mates.  Immediately CPR was started, and the medic was alerted. The patient was resuscitated, but experienced subsequent cardiac events while awaiting medical air transport. On arrival of air-lift crew, the patient was reassessed by the flight medic and further cardiac treatment administered prior to transport. At time of transport, the patient was conscious, alert, and oriented.

The patient was sent to hospital, and after an operational procedure he was able to return home to his family after three days.

The positive outcome of this story, saving a life, is the result of leadership, commitment, and preparedness for the unexpected.

What went right?

To be successful in any emergency, training and drills are key. The marine crew alerted the SAR helicopter, which then landed safely on the helideck. The interaction between the first aiders, medic, and the SAR crew was exceptional. Also, the doctors and nurses in the hospital did their part to make this happen.  One particular crew member made an exceptional effort using leadership skills and medical expertise, to help save a life.


Our member, while noting that it can be hard to motivate for training or drills after a long shift, nonetheless suggests that this uplifting success story will encourage extra training in basic CPR.