Positive: parted mooring lines spotted before damage could occur

What happened?

Two barges were tied up and moored at an anchorage. Crew were working on a third barge when they spotted the unusual position of another barge, and suspected that a mooring line had parted.

In this particular anchorage there were a number of unmanned barges all tied to mooring buoys. Noticing that there was a serious problem and spotting the damage required a sharp eye and more than that, a high sense of responsibility. The unsafe condition reported to the office; the damage to the mooring line damage was confirmed by one of the company’s tugs, and the damaged line replaced.

Our member took the following actions:

  • Continued encouragement of acts of responsibility for company and other assets among all personnel;
  • Nominated crew of the barge for appropriate recognition and reward;
  • Made arrangements for regular rounds of the anchorage to check the condition of laid-up barges, especially before forecast high wind speeds;