Shore leave

A member has brought to IMCA’s attention that two of its offshore personnel were assaulted and seriously injured while their ships were in port and they were on shore leave. Neither of the assaults was brought on by aggressive behaviour by the victims and both incidents happened in European ports, neither of which would normally be associated with being particularly dangerous.

The company has requested each captain to place a warning notice at the top of the vessel’s gangway when in any port, reminding personnel that there is an element of risk associated with going ashore where there may be violent behaviour brought on, for example, by excessive alcohol consumption. Its advised notice is as follows:

“[Company] is unable to comment on the general safety of this port and, in particular, of the bars, night clubs, etc. in the surrounding area. We recommend, for your own wellbeing, that you do not go alone and that you avoid unlit alleys, parks, etc. Neither should you get into confrontational situations with aggressive or drunk individuals or groups. Going ashore on non-company business is at your own risk. We would remind you also of the company alcohol policy.”