Copies of Crosby shackles

A member has advised that while inspecting shackles in West Africa, it became evident several copies of Crosby shackles have been introduced to the marketplace. These shackles are said to be not up to the quality standards of RRC-271D and it is recommended they be immediately removed from service.

The points to look for in deciding whether you have a Crosby shackle or a copy are:

  • on the face:
    1. the Crosby name should be embossed as per the Crosby logo;
    2. the CE mark should appear;
    3. markings of 45 degree angles;
  • on the rear of the shackles, two different groupings of IDs should appear (3 for Belgium manufactures) providing full traceability of the shackle;
  • the pin should also be stamped (d) on the head with a traceable ID number.

IMCA has also heard from Crosby Europe that these shackles are circulating in both the African and the European markets. They also advise that WLL (t), body size (inch) should also appear on its shackles. On some recent shackles there could also be a marking such as ‘6’ for the grade, which may appear on the shackle bow and pin.