Near-miss: Dropped object – falling camera

A member has reported an incident in which the mounting for a fixed camera gave way allowing the camera, weighing 25kg, to fall 4 metres. Electrical cable and a gland held it in place, preventing the camera from landing on the deck. This happened in an area where personnel could have been working. There were no injuries.

Camera of the sort that fell
Camera of the sort that fell

Our member’s investigation revealed the following:

  • The equipment was so reliable that it had become part of the fixtures and therefore ‘invisible’;
  • Weak fastening/mounting;
  • Securing wire not fit for purpose;
  • Possibility of excessive vibration from nearby machinery;
  • The camera had not been identified as a potential dropped object

The following lessons were learnt and corrective actions taken:

  • Similar cameras are now secured with wire (safety sling);
  • Recommended inspection ‘routine’ advised based on physical and environmental circumstances.