Near-miss: Trapped tagline pins banksman against stanchion

The Marine Safety Forum has published the following safety flash regarding a near miss incident in which taglines became trapped under a load. During loading operations, a banksman was unaware that one of the taglines was trapped under the load and that he was standing in a potential pinch point. As he signalled by radio for the crane operator to hoist up the hook and taglines, the trapped tagline became tight pinning the banksman against the stanchion. The banksman, with assistance from one of the load handlers, managed to move the tagline, enabling him to give the radio command to lower the hook. The crane operator lowered the crane hook releasing the banksman. There were no injuries.

Some of the contributing factors or causes were:

  • Inadequate supervision and oversight;
  • Inexperienced and relatively new crew;
  • Failure to recognize the hazard.

The incident can be downloaded from