Marine Safety Forum Safety Flash 15-18: Collision with rig

The Marine Safety Forum has granted permission to forward a copy of their Safety Flash 15-18. The subject of the Safety Flash is ‘Collision with Rig’ and it involves a DP2 classed vessel that lost position and made contact with a fixed drilling rig.

The main cause of the incident could ostensibly have been recorded as ‘environmental’ as it was the weather conditions that caused the vessel to make an excursion and contact with the rig. However it was concluded that the main cause was ‘human factors’ as the Officer of the Watch had missed several early warning signals that should have driven his decision process to move away from the rig to either settle the DP sensors, or wait until the weather conditions had improved.

One of the recommendations from the report is of particular interest at this time. IMCA recommends that regular planned operational and emergency DP drills are undertaken at an appropriate frequency to help ensure that human element causes of DP incidents are reduced to a minimum.

Any queries regarding this safety flash can be directed to Andy Goldsmith. Also members and non-members can contact Andy if they have experience of DP incidents which could be shared with the DP industry.