Alerts iconPositioning of emergency positioning indicating radio beacon

IMCA recently received details of an incident involving a dropped object. A vessel was undergoing a port state inspection in conjunction with a radio surveyor. During the inspection of the EPRIB (Electronic Positioning Indicator Radio Beacon), it was noted that it was a type that had to be removed from the holding bracket. The bracket … Continue reading “Positioning of emergency positioning indicating radio beacon”

Alerts iconMugging and robbery

Further to a Safety Flash 05/03 () a further robbery report has been received from a member. While getting a ride back to the vessel from Trinidad, Port of Spain, an employee was mugged and robbed at gunpoint. He was offered a ride back to the boat by a seemingly friendly man and his three … Continue reading “Mugging and robbery”

Alerts iconRobbery at gunpoint

Working ashore or going ashore from vessels in various locations around the world has its own dangers. A member reports a recent event where an employee was robbed at gunpoint. The incident happened while the individual was at the roadside and in need of motoring assistance. He engaged an offer of support from strangers who … Continue reading “Robbery at gunpoint”

Alerts iconSlip on stairs

A member reports that an able seaman slipped on an external stairway and fell heavily on his elbow, injuring himself. He had been washing down and had cleared away his bucket before heading down to the mess room. The stairway had a handrail on either side, but he used neither. The treads on the stair … Continue reading “Slip on stairs”

Alerts iconFall hazards associated with temporary deck openings

A member has provided a note on one of the outcomes of a joint US Coast Guard (USCG)/Minerals Management Service (MMS) review of accidents on fixed offshore facilities resulting in fatalities and/or serious injuries. It was observed that a number of incidents occurred during operations in which grating or other deck covering had been temporarily … Continue reading “Fall hazards associated with temporary deck openings”

Alerts iconJet pump incidents

A member has reported the following incident, whereby a man, part of a team racking jet hose, sustained an injury to his left knee. A power sheave had been utilised to assist personnel in retrieving the hose. One person was located on the deck, guiding the hose to another person, who was located on top … Continue reading “Jet pump incidents”