Alerts iconROV personnel injury

One of our members has reported a serious injury which one of its personnel received while completing maintenance on an ROV manipulator. ROV personnel were in the process of repairing a hydraulic leak on one of the two seven function manipulator arms installed on their ROV. The injured person inadvertently placed his index finger in … Continue reading “ROV personnel injury”

Alerts iconCrane incident

We have received information concerning part of the manufacturer’s name plate, weighing 250g, falling off of an offshore crane on an offshore installation, landing 21m below on an over-side scaffold at deck level. There was no-one on the scaffold at the time and no work was ongoing in the immediate vicinity. The following initial findings … Continue reading “Crane incident”

Alerts iconWorkshop finger injury

A member has reported the following incident. A senior mechanical technician was involved in bleeding a hydraulic hose connected between an A-frame and a pump unit. The coupling was loosened such as to allow the air to be vented from it. When the hydraulic fluid started to be ejected from the coupling which he was … Continue reading “Workshop finger injury”

Alerts iconFailure of bulk loading bag

Single trip tote bags are commonly used in the onshore construction industry for delivering quantities of building materials such as sand. Because of the convenience, they have been adopted in subsea construction operations for delivering a quantity of sand bags, for example, to the seabed. While one of our members’ vessels was mobilising, such a … Continue reading “Failure of bulk loading bag”