Alerts iconSlip on stairs

A member reports that an able seaman slipped on an external stairway and fell heavily on his elbow, injuring himself. He had been washing down and had cleared away his bucket before heading down to the mess room. The stairway had a handrail on either side, but he used neither. The treads on the stair … Continue reading “Slip on stairs”

Alerts iconDiving fatality

Incident Overview A member has reported the following diving fatality during a surface supplied diving operation being undertaken from a platform while two divers were working in close proximity to each other. Communication to the surface was maintained through an audio link with both divers and helmet mounted video systems, however this only allowed the … Continue reading “Diving fatality”

Alerts iconIncidents submitted to IMO relating to vessels carrying SMCs

A paper has recently been submitted to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) concerning vessels which despite carrying a Safety Management Certificate (SMC), had accidents on board in which the investigators found little evidence of established procedures for reporting non-conformities, accidents and hazardous situations in keeping with the procedures to be expected when an SMC is … Continue reading “Incidents submitted to IMO relating to vessels carrying SMCs”

Alerts iconFatality and serious injuries during heavy lift operation

One man was killed and nine others were injured at a construction site during the lift of a 300 tonne alternator. The lift, using hydraulic jacks and beams, was nearing completion when the equipment collapsed for unknown reasons. This report has been issued by a company involved as a precaution against similar incidents, following up … Continue reading “Fatality and serious injuries during heavy lift operation”

Alerts iconSecurity of shipping in the Mediterranean and Middle East

A member has forwarded the following from the NATO website: Anti-terrorism measures – issued by the NATO Shipping Centre on 5 March “At present there is no intelligence of an immediate terrorist threat. In a press release (AP 03 Mar) it is announced that NATO intends to extend the anti-terrorist maritime patrols, surveillance and monitoring … Continue reading “Security of shipping in the Mediterranean and Middle East”