Alerts iconJoystick controls

We have received the following information from one of our members, where that member’s vessel suffered a loss of joystick control for no apparent reason, whilst working alongside a rig with a bulk hose connected. The joystick manufacturer’s engineer visited the vessel, as soon as it returned to port and thoroughly checked out the joystick … Continue reading “Joystick controls”

Alerts iconEureka wire locks

An incident which involved the inadvertent release of a taut wire dump weight recently occurred on a member’s vessel. The incident itself did not result in any injury, damage or loss of position. DP trials were being conducted in open water and the taut wire dropped to the seabed. The cause of the incident was … Continue reading “Eureka wire locks”

Alerts iconPlough recovery incident

An incident was recently reported to us which occurred during the recovery of a plough whilst cable laying. The emergency plough recovery system used incorporated an Emergency Life Line (ELL). When the ELL became puckered on the stern chute during recovery a webbing strop was employed to aid its recovery, attached via a tugger winch. … Continue reading “Plough recovery incident”

Alerts iconRegen plumbing incident

During the ten year pressure test of the regeneration plumbing onboard a member’s vessel in dry dock, a cracked weld was discovered. The length of plumbing which contained this crack was removed and subjected to an x-ray, which revealed that the tube had deteriorated beyond an acceptable level. The tube was stainless steel seamed pipe … Continue reading “Regen plumbing incident”

Alerts iconLifeboat safety guidelines

The E&P Forum has also produced Lifeboat Safety Guidelines – these guidelines are intended for offshore operators and contractors – and address lifeboat operational and maintenance aspects – with emphasis on preventing unwanted launches – pertaining to fixed and floating installations and mobile offshore accommodation and drilling units. This E&P Forum report states that there … Continue reading “Lifeboat safety guidelines”