Alerts iconFall from height

One of our members has reported a fatal accident that has recently occurred on board on of their vessels. A rigger fell whilst undertaking maintenance activities in one of the vessel columns. Before entering the column a Permit to Work (PTW) had been raised, and personnel carrying out the work had been briefed on the … Continue reading “Fall from height”

Alerts iconDiving fatality

One of our members has reported the following diving fatality that occurred to a contract diver employed by a non-member company. During a surface supplied diving operation at a depth of 8 metres, whilst carrying out hook up operations, a diving fatality occurred. One of the divers was sick, vomiting inside his face helmet and … Continue reading “Diving fatality”

Alerts iconSea fastening

One of members has reported that recently, whilst one of their barges was being towed across the Atlantic, shelving around the barge was found to be moving due to inadequate support and fixing. This situation could have resulted in injury to personnel or damage to equipment. The member has issued a reminder to personnel on … Continue reading “Sea fastening”

Alerts iconFatal accident involving a horizontal watertight sliding door

We have been notified of a fatality on a vessel when a crew member became trapped between the door and door frame of an automatically actuated, horizontal water-tight sliding door and succumbed from his injuries as a consequence. In conflict with the existing procedure the victim did not fully open the watertight door before passing … Continue reading “Fatal accident involving a horizontal watertight sliding door”

Alerts iconDangerous transformers

One of our members has informed us that one of their vessels, operating in the Gulf of Mexico, has reported that a number of ‘dangerous transformers’ have appeared onboard from an unknown source. Below is a picture of one of the transformers. The transformers have no earth and thus do not comply with relevant class … Continue reading “Dangerous transformers”