Alerts iconMicrowaving water

This domestic incident has recently been reported to us and may be of interest to all who use a microwave. The person involved in the incident decided to have a cup of instant coffee. To do this, he took a cup of water and put it in the microwave to heat up – something he … Continue reading “Microwaving water”

Alerts iconSwivel ring flange failures

We have recently received the following information from one of our members. All diving personnel should exercise extreme caution when tightening a leaking swivel ring flange. Application of additional bolt load to certain lightweight swivel ring flanges can cause leakage to worsen. In extreme cases, these flanges have failed catastrophically, causing a hazard to personnel … Continue reading “Swivel ring flange failures”

Alerts iconCommissioning and verification of newly installed modified diving system equipment

One of our members has recently experienced a very serious near-miss when the recovery of a diving bell was started accidentally and unintentionally prior to the bell door being closed and secured. On investigating the near-miss, it was found that a modification to the bell winch hydraulic and electrical systems had taken place on this … Continue reading “Commissioning and verification of newly installed modified diving system equipment”

Alerts iconDiving helmet locking collars

One of our members has brought to our attention that certain Kirby Morgan diving helmets, type KMB 601, neck dam locking collars have been subjected to pitting during oxy-arc cutting due to electrolysis. These particular locking collars were all made of cadmium-plated aluminium alloy. On investigating this matter with the supplier and manufacturer, the contractor … Continue reading “Diving helmet locking collars”

Alerts iconCrane accidents

Two accidents have recently been reported during a lifting operation on a fixed installation. The first accident happened during the lifting of a 13 tonne tank. When topping the boom to reach the right location to put the load on the deck, the boom suddenly started falling and the load fell down approximately three metres … Continue reading “Crane accidents”

Alerts iconForged diving certificates

We have recently learned of irregularities coming to light on a project whose scope included a small inshore diving element. On audit, the diving company was discovered to have a number of certification inconsistencies including forged HSE diving certificates and medicals. The diving contractor involved had been operating in the area for the past two … Continue reading “Forged diving certificates”