Alerts iconFailure of a ½” BSP cap under pressure on well service work

The following incident was recently reported to us. It occurred on an offshore installation where the half inch BSP cap appears to have blown off a pressure testing manifold under approximately 1200psi of water pressure. The cap and BSP/NPT connector were rated to 45000psi. The cap was not found, so the conclusions are based on … Continue reading “Failure of a ½” BSP cap under pressure on well service work”

Alerts iconSOPEP oil booms

One of our members has alerted us to a problem with one type of SOPEP oil boom – type SMB40. SPOEP oil booms are normally manufactured using blown polypropylene as the absorbing membrane, contained within an outer cover manufactured and sewn together using polypropylene. Whilst polypropylene will begin to melt at 160°C, it will not … Continue reading “SOPEP oil booms”

Alerts iconTransponder explosion

We have received a report of an incident on one of our members’ vessels where a Simrad SHT SPT 319 transponder was retrieved from the seabed. Once on deck and during the opening procedure of the housing, to enable the batteries to be checked, there was a build-up of internal pressure. This caused an explosion … Continue reading “Transponder explosion”

Alerts iconLifeboat drop test

One of our members has recently experienced an incident during a lifeboat drop test carried out on three lifeboats. One of the three lifeboats failed its drop test due to the rear door opening after entering the water. The lifeboat was loaded to 110% load (achieved with water bags) and included three personnel. The boat … Continue reading “Lifeboat drop test”

Alerts iconOffshore telescopic gangway

We have received the following safety alert from UKOOA – the UK Offshore Operators Association: “Recent investigations on an unplanned disconnection of a marine aluminium telescopic gangway identified a potential for a single point failure of joystick pressure control valve which could result in 350 bas hydraulic pressure being applied to 50 bar rated joysticks.”

Alerts iconJoystick controls

We have received the following information from one of our members, where that member’s vessel suffered a loss of joystick control for no apparent reason, whilst working alongside a rig with a bulk hose connected. The joystick manufacturer’s engineer visited the vessel, as soon as it returned to port and thoroughly checked out the joystick … Continue reading “Joystick controls”

Alerts iconEureka wire locks

An incident which involved the inadvertent release of a taut wire dump weight recently occurred on a member’s vessel. The incident itself did not result in any injury, damage or loss of position. DP trials were being conducted in open water and the taut wire dropped to the seabed. The cause of the incident was … Continue reading “Eureka wire locks”

Alerts iconPlough recovery incident

An incident was recently reported to us which occurred during the recovery of a plough whilst cable laying. The emergency plough recovery system used incorporated an Emergency Life Line (ELL). When the ELL became puckered on the stern chute during recovery a webbing strop was employed to aid its recovery, attached via a tugger winch. … Continue reading “Plough recovery incident”