Alerts iconWinching equipment

A client has recently alerted us to a couple of incidents involving winching equipment on board vessels. In the first incident a member of the vessel crew stood on a tugger winch support bracket with his foot protruding slightly from the support flange. As the drum rotated during operation, the securing bolts caught the man’s … Continue reading “Winching equipment”

Alerts iconElectrical flash burns

We have recently learned of this incident which occurred on an offshore installation. An electrician suffered superficial flash burns to his face, neck, ears and hands while operating a Merlin Gerin DA-type circuit breaker which was one of three incoming feeds to the platform 440v switchboard. The breaker was in the service position and attempts … Continue reading “Electrical flash burns”

Alerts iconGrinding disc failures

One of our members has alerted us to a number of near misses from one of their vessels concerning the breaking up of grinding discs. The latest report states that a newly installed grinding disc broke up and flew apart during use, narrowly missing the operator and his assistant. The nine inch disc had been … Continue reading “Grinding disc failures”